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2019 December – Sydney Elise 1-Day Workshop – Sacred Union

15 December 2019


During this 1-day workshop we'll open to two aspects of the Sacred Feminine (Fierce Feminine/Dark Goddess and Lover/Tantrica) as well as an aspect of the Sacred Masculine. We’ll use shamanic, tantric and women's wisdom practices to get past our rational minds and into the depths of our beings, where the real magic and transformation awaits.

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Colorado 6 Faces Retreat – September 2019

Canada 6 Faces Retreat – October 2019

18-21 October 2019


Join us as we RECLAIM and REWILD in the mountains of British Columbia! This is our signature 4-day, 3-night retreat where we open to the 6 faces of the ecstatic, liberated wild woman within and reunite the Divine Feminine with the Sacred Masculine within. We recommend booking early if it's singing to you!