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Experiential programs that awaken you to the deep, undeniable knowing, “This is what I was made for, and this is who I am... in my fullness.”

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Hi, I'm Sabrina Lynn

A bit of a mad scientist and rebellious creator and facilitator of spiritual experiences that push the edges of human consciousness and potential. 

Here’s what I'd like to throw out there... I know there is so much more inside of you, just waiting to be awakened, remembered, developed. And I know that you know it too. Somewhere deep within there’s a longing for more. A longing for a different kind of life—one with more freedom, more abundance, more aliveness, more love, more joy, more health, more purpose, more soul, more something! It shows up differently for each us, but the knowing is the same, "There’s more!".

You’ve probably been feeling this for awhile now and maybe you’ve even tried some different things. But you’ve struggled to find lasting change, lasting connection to that life you long for… for that life you know, deep down, is possible. That’s where I come in. I’m here to show you how to not just touch into those feelings of aliveness and purpose and soul, but to live every moment with them as your constant companions.

Let's not waste any more time! Let's get started!

You'll find a free online workshop, my YouTube channel, the podcast and my Facebook group just below. Ready to dive deeper, quicker? Check out the on-demand courses and monthly membership (both available to get started today!) Details below.

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Through [Sabrina's] workshops, I have been to places and accessed emotions and energies that I have not touched in any other way

~ Mark

[Sitting in circle with Sabrina] is a raw, honest, rollercoaster journey with incredible [people] - exposing, facing and clearing layers of conditioning, unconscious feelings and reactions. Learning who you really are under the facade, what makes you tick and what gifts you have to share with the world at large.”

~ Anthea

It is the deepest, most transformational work I've accessed online… I feel it's having a profoundly positive impact on my life, growth and healing.

~ Stacey

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with Sabrina Lynn

I guide people on journeys that go far beyond the limitations of the mind and into the deeper, truer more potent and powerful realms of Self.

A few ways you can work with me:

Online Programs

Reunion Elements 3

"[This program] has single handedly changed my course in life." An experiential course that will wake you up, free you from inner blocks & conditioning, and put you on your path to true north.

Teacher Training

Reunion Elements 2

An 18-month online teacher training program for those called to the path of the priestess / priest, giving you everything you need to step into your own unique way of "priestessing" or "priesting" in the world.

Monthly Membership

Reunion Elements 3

LIVING CLOSE TO THE BONE: A program and community to help you live on the razor edge of your own inner truth. Work LIVE with Sabrina in this intimate online monthly training and teaching program.

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Heart Warrior Workshop

Experience what's possible for yourself, in yourself, with this embodiment practice that'll blow your heart wide open...

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Join me on Youtube

Feminine Reclamation

Soulful Living

Sacred Sexuality

The podcast "ReWilding with Sabrina Lynn" can be found on all major podcast platforms.

Listen on Spotify now.

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My Story

I didn't always understand awakening, conscious evolution or the esoteric principles and I certainly didn't believe in—or even know about—ancient wisdom practices or sacred technologies.

I didn't know that there was knowledge or a set of practices in this world that would take me beyond the constraints of my absorbed conditioning, limitations of my ancestral patterning and restrictions of my rational, thinking mind.

And I had no idea that these practices would uncover deep, authentic realms of myself, open me to more bliss than I ever imagined, awaken abilities that were way beyond my comprehension, ignite orgasmic states I only ever read about in books, and reveal a deep unshakable sense of knowing who I am and what I'm here to do...

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