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In-Person Events

UPDATE: We will only be holding one in-person event in 2021.
Registration is open and retreat is 2/3 full.

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Sexual Healing & Awakening for Women

Explore and Reclaim the Fullness of Your Sexuality—Sacred & Primal, Light & Dark, Fierce & Healing—in a Potent Shiva/Shakti Cauldron.

September 9-12, 2021 in Boulder, Colorado, USA
4-day (non-residential) retreat. Lunch included. Open to all who primarily identify as women. Only 18 spots available and is currently 2/3 full.

Retreat offered a space for me to release all the clogged up anger and grief that my body had been afraid to let go of. I have reclaimed so much of my sensuality and self-expression and I now have the most incredible tribe of sisters to travel this earth journey with. I’m so grateful to have unlocked the deepest recesses of my feminine power.” ~ Louise

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I found myself describing this work to a friend recently and all I could say was "truly life changing". [This] is the kind of work that nourishes the parts of you that hardly see the light of day. All the parts of you that get neglected or put to the side for a later time. It's the kind of work that once you step into it for the first time, you realize that you can never go back. You are finally home." ~ Anonymous