Journey Into the Lover Goddesses

Awakened Sensuality - Divine Feminine Flow - Heart Centered Living

A ReWilding Online Workshop

Sabrina Lynn

Dear Awakening Woman

Imagine for a moment that you have full access to the depths of your feminine essence, intuitive flow, heart-centered state of being and a vibrancy that radiates throughout your entire body. How would you feel? What would life be like?

Never before have we as women had more opportunity, more choice, and more freedom. As women we are now, more than ever, able to make choices to forge our own paths and determine our own destinies.

At the same time, with these opportunities come new challenges: the demands of life have created high levels of stress, pressure, disconnect, discomfort and dis-ease in women.

Our connection to our self, to our inner world, to pleasure, to nature and our intimate relationships has suffered. We are ever more disconnected from our biggest ally -the body- and as a result, we are missing out on a powerful natural resource for aliveness, wisdom and empowerment.

When we step into the energy and the practices of the Lover Goddesses, as we do in this workshop, we awaken our entire being to a more enlivened, love-filled, receptive, ecstatic and awakened state. From this place, we are able to explore and reclaim a fuller expression of who we are. 

This online workshop, and the Lover Goddesses, bring us into realms that allow for the exploration and reclamation of self. I invite you to watch the video above and if this journey calls to you, I look forward to walking alongside you into the awakening energy of the Lover Goddesses.

With love
Sabrina Lynn

Watch First - Introduction to Workshop!

You'll Especially Love This Workshop If You Feel Called To:

lover goddess
  • Embrace the gifts of your sensuality
  • Open your body to a more enlivened, receptive, ecstatic and awakened state of being
  • Soften into your feminine power
  • Live and love from a heart-centered place of intuitive flow
  • Cultivate a deeper, truer connection to yourself, others and the world around you
  • Open to the wisdom held deep within your womb and heart
  • Enjoy greater flow, harmony and alignment in your close relationships (intimate and otherwise)
  • Experience the depth of your heart and step into your ability to gift the world with it
  • Feel greater pleasure and vitality in your body
  • Radiate empowered feminine energy through all aspects of your life

What women are saying about this workshop

"The Lover workshop showed me the path into allowing myself to receive. With Mary Magdalene's loving holding, I could let go; then Parvati went in and cleared the pathways, opening me up in ways I didn't know I needed." ~ Anika

"Amazing! So much awakened! A beautiful way to tap into different layers of love for self and other." ~ Ava

"A profound but gentle journey into what it really means to be whole onto yourself, to be able to hold yourself in love and compassion. A big take-away for me was how to show up for the people I love in a way that is neither draining nor a tradeoff." ~ Monica

Here's what you'll receive:

  • Preparation and Intention-Setting Video 
  • Three video workshop sessions 65 minutes of ReWilding practices to connect with the energy of the Sacred Feminine Lover. This includes opening specifically to Mary Magdalene and/or Parvati.
    • Part 1: (28 minutes) Awakening and Embodying the Sacred Energies of the Feminine Lover
    • Part 2: (29 minutes) Invitation to work with Mary Magdalene or Parvati, Lover Goddesses of the highest order
    • Part 3: (8 minutes) Bringing it all together, a conversation on how these practices ripple out into our physical relationships, our love lives and every other area of our lives.
  • High quality audio recordings in addition to video you'll also receive an audio recording for each session that is easy to download.
  • Bonus #1: 'Sacred Sexuality and the Truth About the Lover Goddesses' a 40+ minute online workshop originally recorded August 2019 in our facebook group.
  • Bonus #2: Deepening Practices downloadable pdf with 4 suggested practices to take you deeper into the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine Lover.
  • Bonus #3: Supportive Playlist of 18 songs to support your journey into the Sacred Feminine, available via Spotify.
  • Bonus #4: 'Awakening the Goddess Hygeia'  a 5 minute video practice by Elise Heyward

*You'll have lifetime access to the materials so you can complete the workshop anytime, as often as you'd like. Plus all audio content is downloadable for your convenience.

Journey Into the Lover Goddesses Today!

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Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding For Women, has had a profound impact on thousands of women across the globe. She is one of the most provocative, raw and passionate personal development trainers in the world.

Known internationally for her unique workshops on spiritual growth, reclamation of the divine feminine and the awakening path that is unique to women, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective transformational practices that address awakening in mind, body, and heart.

Sabrina brings 12 years of teaching, speaking, facilitating, and coaching experience to her work, having taught at some of the largest organizations in Australia. She has studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.

Sabrina currently hosts the popular weekly ReWilding For Women podcast and leads international audiences through ReWilding For Women workshops, retreats and online programs. Her audiences connect with her down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable transformation, healings and shifts.