Healing & Awakening to
the Fullness of Your Sexuality

Online At-Home Retreat

Sabrina Lynn


Dear awakening woman,

Do you ever get the feeling that there's more to your sexual expression? Do you long to connect in a deeper, more intimate way? Do any unpleasant feelings ever arise when you tap into your sexual energy?

If so, you're certainly not alone.

Many of us feel there is so much more to our sexuality, so much more bliss, joy, freedom, wildness, ecstasy, creative-potency, love, intimacy and connection. The trouble is, most of us were never shown how to open those doors. Heck, most of us weren't even shown how to have a healthy relationship with our bodies, much less a healthy relationship with the fullness of our sexual energy!

To me, there's been a lack of education for us around 'the good stuff', the intimate women's wisdom that heals and awakens.

It's so disheartening to think back on how I was taught about my sexuality in my teenage years. The main teaching was three-fold: anatomy, pads vs tampons and how to put a condom on a banana. Useful, sure, but the juicy stuff got left out! Stuff like:

  • How do we fully open to the potent, life-giving, love-filled, creative aspects of our sexuality?
  • How do move away from our sexual energy being in a repressed, hidden, shamed state to an open, loving, healthy, beautiful state?
  • How do we as modern women open into an enlivened, fully empowered, sexual being in a healthy way?
  • How do we open to the heights and depths of union with another?

The lack of intimate feminine wisdom being shared, combined with the current state of sexuality in most cultures, shatters my heart, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and a deep fire in my belly glow with an intensity that feels as if it might consume me!

I've been an advocate for women's sexual healing and awakening for a long time now. But before stepping into opening doors and holding space for another woman to heal and awaken I had to do the deep, big mamma work for myself.

It wasn't easy but it was worth it. Every tear I cried, every howl I howled, every roar I roared during my own sexual healing and awakening process wasn't just for me... It was for every woman who's ever been sexually objectified, abused, shamed or put down in some way. It was for my mother, my aunts, my grandmother. I howled because they couldn't.

I howled for the generations of women who didn't have access to spaces like this or practices like these to release all the pain and wounding we carry in our cellular memory, in our DNA and in our past-life records.

Walking this path has changed every aspect of my life. It's changed how deeply and lovingly I can connect with my body (all of it - even the tiger stripes on my hips, my beautiful sagging breasts and the blood that still magically releases from my body each month).

Walking this path has changed how I work in the world, what I do with my time, what I create, how connected I am to the natural rhythms of the authentic feminine. It's changed how I voice my truths. It's change my ability to set boundaries and my ability to decipher self from other, self from family and self from the collective.

Walking this path has changed every single aspect of my intimate relationships. It's changed my ability to be open, to be seen and to be vulnerable with my man.

Something I learned about deep connection to another is that when I felt I wasn't being met by my beloved, it wasn't because he couldn't meet me there, it was because somewhere deep inside, often very hidden from my mind, I couldn't allow myself to go to those places. Before walking this path, there was too much dark hidden stuff in the basement of my being for me to trust, to open, and to love and be loved in the way my heart and soul were longing.

The unconscious bits from this life, from the collective, from my ancestral lines and past lives blocked me from opening, blocked me from orgasming, blocked me from connection and love.

It was an amazing time in my life and I am forever indebted to my beloved Stav and to the teachers, healers and facilitators who held the space and opened the doors for me to walk into the basement with a glowing torch and shine the most magnificent healing and awakening light onto everything that was blocking me from the fullness of my sexuality and the fullness of my love.

Now, years later, I offer this same space for women around the world. I do this in in-person retreats and workshops, but I also do this here, in this online retreat. I share this space and this deep feminine wisdom in a way that makes it accessible for almost all women around the world.

I say 'almost all women' around the world because not all have the freedoms that you and I have. As painful as it is to hear, there are women in this world who are still living under slave-like conditions where their bodies, and sometimes even their lives are not their own.

This drops me to my knees in a humbled sort of gratitude with deep reverence for the fact that "We get to do this!" We get to awaken to the fullness of our feminine!  We get to change things for ourselves, for our children, for our ancestors and even for the women who aren't yet free to do the same!

When you join me in this online retreat, you're not only making a choice to heal and awaken yourself, you're also helping heal and awaken a woman or child who doesn't have our same freedoms. We're donating 10% of all proceeds to the incredible charity Love146. They work their butts off to stop sexual abuse and exploitation of women and children around the world and I'm excited to share that we have already donated over $4,000!

My friend, I'm sending so much love for your personal journey of healing and awakening to the fullness of your feminine. I'm also holding the intention that everything we do here in this online retreat to liberate and empower ourselves spreads through this world like wildfire - transforming everything in its wake!

So much love to you dear sister
Sabrina Lynn

Watch Now - Your Personal Invitation

Stepping Into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine

This online retreat is Shamanic, Tantric and Archetypal. We’ll use ancient women's practices to get past our minds, past our egos and into the depths of our beings, where the real power and magic lies.

We work with extremely powerful and esoteric archetypal practices used in ancient goddess traditions to invoke and commune with our personal archetypes (or parts of self). These beautiful practices bring us into the healing and awakening of our sexuality.

If it sounds fluffy – it’s not! These practices will shift, heal, open and transform you. This is the deepest, most transformative work you can do online.

No previous experience is necessary. This program is open to all women who are ready to journey inward.

4 Faces of the Divine Feminine

During retreat we'll open to the 4 Faces of the Feminine:

  • Lover / Tantrica
    Keeper of deep, embodied tantric wisdom, sacred sexuality and divine union.
  • Medicine Woman
    Guardian of deep seeded feminine mysteries and esoteric soul gifts.
  • Fierce Feminine / Dark Goddess
    Bearers of the deepest truth, purest love and most potent transformations. They help us speak truth, set boundaries and ask for what we really want.
  • Priestess
    Guardians of sacred sexuality, holding the highest wisdom of a woman's sexual expression. Defenders of every aspect of the feminine, they help set strong, clear boundaries within and manifest in the physical world.

Sacred Union

We then invite the sacred masculine within to step up and meet these powerful, sensual, wild woman aspects. The sacred masculine holds a particular key to unlocking the full potential of feminine sexuality. Without the relationship to the masculine being cleared and awakened a woman will have a hard time stepping into deep, fulfilling, intimate relationships that hold passion, equality and the deepest love. The weaving, balancing and uniting of these two leads to ultimate sexual healing and empowerment for a woman.


ReWilding is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shake down.


…this is it, I’m coming home. We are coming home to each other. I’m so grateful to have found this circle of women and can’t wait to go deep, to witness my journey and yours to hold and be held. I am here now.


I have never seen, known and uncovered so much anywhere else.


What's Possible in This Retreat

  • Reclaim more of your fullness and aliveness as a woman
  • Step into stronger, more powerful, tantric expressions of your sexual energy
  • Discover how the shamanic tools of ancient women's wisdom can be used to help you release your sexual past and reclaim the fullness of your sexuality
  • Experience awakenings you've only read about
  • Heal traumas from this life, past lives and ancestral lines
  • Awaken and reclaim a sensual, loving relationship with your body
  • Open to more intimacy and depth in your relationship, or call in your beloved
  • Increase your day-to-day energy and vitality
  • Shift negative body image issues and start seeing your body with new eyes
  • Cultivate a new way of being in the world and in relationship — releasing guilt, shame and fear

What we work with in this online retreat


Module 1 - Opening Circle - Invoking Grace

Opening circle, ritual, transmission into the mysteries of the feminine, the mysteries of our sexuality and the mysteries of union.


Module 2 - The Gifts of the Lover Goddesses & Medicine Women

We open to Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty, and Hygeia, Goddess of miraculous healing to explore a new way of being in relationship to our bodies.


Module 3 - Liberation from Blocks and Obstacles with the Dark Goddesses

Here we journey with the Dark Goddesses of transformation and liberation, who take us to our depths, to lovingly clear even the deepest of blocks and obstacles within.


Module 4 - Sacred Sexuality with Lalita and Parvati

In this session we invoke kundalini and the goddesses of sacred sexuality to take us to different realms of self - to the heights - the glorious, grace-filled tantric heights of our sexuality.


Module 5 - Medusa Magic to Remove Masks and Divine Union

Here we open to Medusa's gift of de-armoring our hearts and helping us let down our walls. Then we step into full tantric sexual union with the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

Here's what you'll receive

  • One 15-minute welcome video explaining how to get the most out of retreat.
  • Five 30-40 minute video workshop sessions with transmissions, practices and ancient initiatory rituals.
  • Audio recordings easy to download high-quality MP3 for each module. (5 total)
  • Deepening practices in a downloadable pdf for each workshop session. (5 total)


  1. 2 Bonus Divine Masculine Workshop Modules. These were recorded for our ReWilding Inner Circle Group but offer a perfect way to deepen into this retreat. The best time to do these 2 bonus workshops is between modules 2 and 5 to deepen into your experience with the masculine!
  2. Golden Kali Meditation. This is a ReWilding favorite and a must-have when working in the depths of the Dark Goddess, which we do in module 3 of retreat. This was recorded during a LIVE in-person workshop ... You'll feel the extra Shakti coming through on the recording!
  3. Behind the Scenes: My Tantric Relationship. 1 hour audio conversation with Sabrina Lynn and her partner Stavros. In this special conversation, Sabrina invites her beloved, Stav, to speak openly and candidly about the trials and tribulations of the path of sacred sexuality. They also touch on sexual healing for both men and women, what it's like when an archetype comes in during love making and some tips on how to traverse the deep sexual realms with self and/or other.

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10% of all Proceeds are Donated to Charity Love146

When you join us in this online retreat, you're not only making a choice to heal and awaken yourself, you're also helping heal and awaken a woman who doesn't have the same freedoms. We're donating 10% of all proceeds to the incredible charity Love146. They work their butts off to stop sexual abuse and exploitation of women around the world.


Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding For Women, has had a profound impact on thousands of women across the globe. She is one of the most provocative, raw and passionate personal development trainers in the world.

Known internationally for her unique workshops on spiritual growth, reclamation of the divine feminine and the awakening path that is unique to women, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective transformational practices that address awakening in mind, body, and heart.

Sabrina brings 12 years of teaching, speaking, facilitating, and coaching experience to her work, having taught at some of the largest organizations in Australia. She has studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.

Sabrina currently hosts the popular weekly ReWilding For Women podcast and leads international audiences through ReWilding For Women workshops, retreats and online programs. Her audiences connect with her down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable transformation, healings and shifts.

More of what women are saying about Sabrina Lynn and ReWilding

"I found myself describing this work to a friend recently and all I could say was 'truly life changing'. ReWilding is the kind of work that nourishes the parts of you that hardly see the light of day. All the parts of you that get neglected or put to the side for a later time. It's the kind of work that once you step into it for the first time, you realize that you can never go back. You are finally home."

~ Anonymous

“Sabrina, I have to tell you. You have changed my life. I know. Big call. But it’s true! Rewilding, and more specifically the Katoomba retreat has changed me in ways I never knew could even exist! Something in me has opened. I am changed forever. There is no going back. I am so so so grateful for the work you do, I can’t even find words to describe it. I finally feel like I’m starting to be alive and I have this burning desire to experience more. So much love and gratitude for you Sabrina!”

~ Maya

“This weekend retreat has been absolutely transformative. I cleared and learnt more in a weekend of Rewilding than I have in 10 years of Buddhist meditation. That is in no way to discount my previous decade as it has been invaluable, but I think it has laid the groundwork for what happened over this past weekend. Sabrina, I see such a purity in you. You live the path that you inspire others towards. This is something you rarely see in teachers and I am deeply grateful to what you bring to the world."

~ Kylee

"Stepping into retreat space with Sabrina takes you to the deepest, rawest and unknown parts of self. You will shed parts of you that no longer serve you and completely recreate how you view your world. Sitting in circle, with your sisters, being held and heard, develops the deepest most loving connections that transcend far beyond the few days you will spend together. If it’s calling you, answer that call, and embark on the beginning of a powerful new journey into self."

~ Jo

"Retreat offered a space for me to reclaim the powerful medicine woman within me and to release all the clogged up anger and grief that my body had been afraid to let go of. I feel I have reclaimed so much of my sensuality and self-expression and I now have the most incredible tribe of sisters to travel this earth journey with. I’m so grateful to have unlocked the deepest recesses of my feminine power. If you feel drawn to attend, trust that instinct and gift yourself the time and space to meet a fuller, deeper, more authentic version of yourself."

~ Louise

"Retreat catapulted me to depths and heights I had not yet reached before. Being in Circle over numerous days co-creating a growing energy with a wondrous group of women was so beautifully potent - the intensity of the connection of love between us took us all deeper and higher than one’s mind could imagine. We held each other energetically, physically. I was once quoted as saying 'I’m doing this work because I don’t want to die without knowing the Fullness of myself'. Hand on heart, through my choice to fully immerse in Retreat, I found my Fullness and then some. I was 'called' and I followed the call of my own soul. SHE knew ..."

~ Nicole