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Enhance Your Intuition

Unlock Your Body's Magic

Everything in Your Life Changes When You Activate Your Body Wisdom...

What if you had access to all the wisdom, guidance and healing power of your body today... and every single day after that? ReWilding Body Wisdom Activation is a specific set of embodiment practices proven to ignite your life force energy, enhance your intuition, and bring you into the magic in your body!


In the whispers of your body, you'll find the answers the world can not provide."

In a world that often encourages us to look outward for answers, the Body Wisdom Activation Workshop takes you on an inward journey of self-exploration and discovery. As you engage with the activation energy of this workshop, you'll witness yourself casting aside limitations and stepping into the brilliance of your own being.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, energetic alignment, or a profound connection with your own intuition, this workshop provides the gateway to a new dimension of self-discovery and transformation. I'd love to share it with you.

With love,
💛 Sabrina Lynn

What Could This Journey Hold For You?

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Are you ready to open the door that leads to your highest potential, deepest healing, and truest self?

In This Workshop, You Will:


Master the Core Principles of Embodiment Practice

Acquire the fundamental principles essential for a profound embodiment practice that unlocks a deeper connection between your mind, body, and spirit.


Create Your Sacred Space with the 3 S's

Explore the three crucial components – Safety, Sacred, and Soften – to establish an optimal environment for your transformative journey.


Embark on a Dynamic Exploration of Energy Movement

Immerse yourself in the foundations of moving energy within your body, guided by experiential learning and expert insights that pave the way for personal transformation.


Unleash the Power of the 6 ReWilding Modalities

Journey through the six transformative ReWilding Modalities – Breath, Sound, Movement, Visualization, Touch, and Energetic Intention – and open doors to a realm of self-discovery.


Experience Miraculous Embodied Spiritual Practices

Discover a treasure trove of practices that awaken your senses, facilitate healing, and infuse your life with miraculous transformation and renewal.


Transform Your Whole Being

Witness the profound metamorphosis as these practices create a seismic shift in every aspect of your being – from physical appearance to activation, preferences, love, nudity perception, and beyond.


Elevate Your Vitality with Heightened Life Force

Uncover the key to infusing more vitality, energy, and aliveness into your daily existence by elevating the voltage of your life force.


Cultivate Intuition, Awareness, and Consciousness

Experience the transformation as you become more intuitive, awakened, and conscious through the process of activating your body wisdom.


Trust Your Inner Voice and Embrace Authenticity

Discover how activating your body wisdom paves the way for cultivating a deep trust in the voice of your soul, fostering intuition, and guiding you to live authentically.

The body is not a vessel; it's a universe of wisdom waiting to be unlocked."


Many of the people Sabrina has worked with say that her ReWilding method is the deepest, most transformative healing, awakening and embodiment work they have been able to find anywhere.

Deep inner alchemical transformation that leads to significant (and lasting!) outer change.

Structured as a momentum building process, you'll step into Sabrina's cutting-edge ReWilding modalities to tap into your life force, to access, heal, rewire and embody your inner capacity, to then ripple out into your outer world.

You'll dive into powerful esoteric, shamanic and tantric embodiment practices that go far beyond the limitations of the mind and into the deeper, truer, more potent and powerful realms of Self to affect deep and lasting change.

You'll awaken higher states of consciousness and dormant capacities within by stepping into altered states of consciousness, similar in power to psychedelic realms, but accessible to anyone at anytime without the need for any external substances.

In these states, you'll go beyond the logical, rational-thinking mind and into deeper realms of Self, where you have the ability to see through self-imposed limits, work through trauma in moments rather than years, and experience unbelievable awakenings—all of which translate into actual, lasting transformation in your daily reality.

This will be done with a unique blend of sacred technologies, built on ancient practices, but engineered for our modern-day psyches (which we all know have been shaped very differently by our current technology and culture).

Specifically, you'll be guided through extremely powerful and esoteric archetypal embodiment practices used to invoke and commune with your personal archetypes (or parts of Self). You'll also work with powerful shamanic and tantric practices that allow you to alchemize shadow aspects and wounds in a whole new way, freeing up massive amounts of your own energy and potential that you didn't even know was blocked or draining you.

Finally, you'll receive energetic transmissions that show your system how to be fully embodied, fully present, fully alive, whether your mind understands it or not. This is where the real magic happens, how "miraculous" awakenings and healings occur, which you will find in few other places on the planet.

If it sounds fluffy... it’s not!

The ReWilding method will shift, heal, open and transform every aspect of your inner and outer world.

Through [Sabrina's] workshops, I have been to places and accessed emotions and energies that I have not touched in any other way."
~ Mark

It is the deepest, most transformational work I've accessed online. I feel it's having a profoundly positive impact on my life, growth and healing.
~ Stacey

It's limitless what your body wisdom can do! The healing potentials, the awakening potentials, the wild, crazy, seemingly esoteric, miraculous gifts that happen when this wisdom is really allowed to come online within our beings.


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Activate Your Life Force Energy!

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$47 USD

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This workshop is for ANYONE who feels called to...

Enhance Intuition

Improve Body Confidence

Unlock trapped energy in the body

Interrupt Thinking Mind & Drop Into the Magic in the Body

Awaken to More Life Force Energy

Unlock Emotional Healing

Boost Vitality & Energy

I Pad + I Phone (1200 × 2400 Px) (2)

What's Included:

Experiential Workshops & Tutorials with Sabrina Lynn


60 minute movement workshop, an experiential journey teaching you the tools of embodiment practice (in both high quality video and audio formats).


20 minute video, bringing words and mind food to your movement practice.


2 videos to learn more about the embodied spiritual path and a curated Spotify playlist with songs to support your journey.


Lifetime access to the full program (all video, audio, and supportive material) via your member’s area so you can journey when you like and as often as you like.


You'll get direct access to Sabrina Lynn and participate in conversations and bonus Facebook LIVEs. These are held in our private Facebook group where you can ask Sabrina and community members your specific astrological questions, share your experiences and join thought-provoking conversations.

This is 100% optional, but many find the community and connection in the Facebook group to be supportive, entertaining and a way to deepen your experience!

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Now $47


Having facilitated body wisdom activation journeys for years, I am incredibly excited to offer this one to you in a new, on-demand virtual format! This new format gives you a guided journey that you can use to create your own daily body wisdom practice for life. Once you join the workshop you will have lifetime access, giving you the freedom to work with it when you like, as often as you like, in a way that works best for you.

The minimum a ReWilding Body Wisdom Activation Journey in the past would have cost $197, but with this new format I'm excited to share it for 1/4 of that!

Body Wisdom Activation Workshop

$47 USD
  • (1) 1 Hour Experiential Movement Workshop (in both video + audio format)
  • (1) 20-minute Movement Lecture (in both video + audio format)
  • Additional Resources to Deepen Your Journey (Supportive Embodiment Videos and a Playlist)
  • Lifetime Access to the Full Program


If you don't absolutely LOVE the Body Wisdom Activation Workshop - or don't feel that it meets your needs - you have 24 hours to request a full refund. To do so, please contact and we'll help you right away.

Meet Your Guide

Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding for Women and ReWilding for Men, has lead over 70,000 women and men around the world through her groundbreaking, direct-line approach to personal evolution.

After searching for years for modalities and traditions that could help her find what she was seeking, she finally blazed her own trail. Fifteen years later, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective practices that take participants deep beyond the conscious mind, into the realms of the body and psyche where true, lasting transformation and empowerment lies.

Her mission is to continue to revolutionize and modernize the way we explore, embody and express our full human potential.

Sabrina has 14 years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching archetypal psychology, neuroscience, corporate leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, tantra, somatic experiencing, physiology and mind-body connection.

With a global following of over 250,000, she is rapidly becoming a thought-leader for bringing spirit and soul into daily life.

Her audiences connect with her direct, down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable healings and life shifts.

What people are saying about ReWilding Workshops...

"[Sabrina's work] moves me out of my head and into my body. It takes me past the mental realm and reconnects me with every aspect of myself - every emotion, every gift, every cell in my body. I feel shiny again!! THIS is what I've been seeking for a very long time.”

~ Kelly

"[Sabrina's] work is pulverizing... I can't hide, I can't lie and I can't run away. Her energy captures you. It's life-changing."

~ Steve

"I am surprised at the emotions and life/ love/ healing force that came through today. Your guidance, Sabrina, is probably one of the best I have tried in my nearly 15 years of intentional soul searching. Again, thank you so much! 🙏 Your authenticity makes me go more easily into my own authenticity. Gratitude❣️"

~ Hanne

"Sabrina, you helped me feel safe to actually HONOR my primal self, to honor all of me without shame. I see now that even my darkest and deepest energy is still sacred. I long for the safety to explore my fullness. Thank you again for helping me open the door to that!"

~ Deborah

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