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A Game-Changer!

How the ReWilding Astrology Masterclass could help you...

It's here! I've created a tool that helps you to run your birth chart and translate it into real-world, tangible, personal insights! And it's totally free for you! 🎉

This step-by-step guide gives you practical tools to translate your birth chart into something you can really sink your teeth into...
45-minutes is all you need to be able to start to unlock the insights in your chart (no matter where you're currently at with astrology)!

You'll feel like an oracle, a prophet, a visionary after this class! You'll wonder why you didn't start using astrology to make big decisions, dive deeper into your inner world and understand others in your life way sooner!

Can you tell that I've seen astrology be an absolute game-changer for a ton of people? I literally watch jaws drop, eyes pop out of heads, and all sorts of other beautiful aha reactions happen when I teach this exact same content at in-person retreats! And now I get to share it with you! There's no obligation what so ever, all you need to do is enter your email address so I can send you access to the masterclass (along with a few really cool bonuses!).

See you on the other side of this soul-stirring adventure (yep! we also go into destiny points in this masterclass)!

With so much love,
đź’› Sabrina Lynn

P.S. You don't need to know anything about astrology to be able to participate fully! I'll walk you through everything in a super simple (and super fun) way!

In the Masterclass, You'll:

Create your own birth chart

... I'll guide you through a super simple process on how to do this.

Discover where transits (like full moons) fall in your birth chart

... This will tell you what area of your life will be effected at certain times and also give you insights as to how the astrology will uniquely translate into your life.

Use major asteroids as archetypal insights

... And understand how that brings a level of depth and richness to understanding your own inner world. Plus this is where you'll see more of the feminine archetypal energy in your chart!

Learn your destiny points

... And how to use them as roadmaps for uncovering your soul's purpose and evolution!

Translate your chart into real-world, tangible insights

... A birth chart can be viewed as your own personal blueprint, helping you to uncover more hidden information about you!


Unlock Your Energetic Blueprint!

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What's Included:

Insightful Teaching with Sabrina Lynn


You'll receive a 45 minute video masterclass detailing how to read and understand your birth chart.


Written instructions on how to create your chart, including destiny points, major asteroids and current transits.


You'll get direct access to Sabrina Lynn and participate in conversations and bonus Facebook LIVEs. These are held in our private Facebook group where you can ask Sabrina and community members your specific astrological questions, share your experiences and join thought-provoking conversations.

This is 100% optional, but many find the community and connection in the Facebook group to be supportive, entertaining and a way to deepen your experience!

Meet Your Guide

Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding for Women and ReWilding for Men, has lead over 60,000 women and men around the world through her groundbreaking, direct-line approach to personal evolution.

After searching for years for modalities and traditions that could help her find what she was seeking, she finally blazed her own trail. Fifteen years later, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective practices that take participants deep beyond the conscious mind, into the realms of the body and psyche where true, lasting transformation and empowerment lies.

Her mission is to continue to revolutionize and modernize the way we explore, embody and express our full human potential.

Sabrina has 14 years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching archetypal psychology, neuroscience, corporate leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, tantra, somatic experiencing, physiology and mind-body connection.

With a global following of over 250,000, she is rapidly becoming a thought-leader for bringing spirit and soul into daily life.

Her audiences connect with her direct, down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable healings and life shifts.

What people have said about ReWilding Astrology...

"The way that you have the power to articulate every single sensation and feeling that has been manifesting for me lately, you make me feel so understood and you have such a beautiful way with words!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~ Savannah

"I came for information about the full moon and the astrology around it and it's truly captivated my attention. I mean I rewinded and made notes! I just kept nodding my head. You shared passionately from the heart about being free, being a soul having a human experience, being limitless, hearing and feeling, understanding your soul's call, for connecting with one's own unique genius."

~ Jovanka

"I am feeling ALL. OF. THIS. I’m so grateful for this video! It helped me clarify a huge decision that will launch me into my next level of purpose... I just love this so much. Thank you."

~ Jana

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