The Path of the Priest/ess

Unlock Your Sacred Potential

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5-Day Advanced, In-Person Training

2-6 NOVEMBER 2023


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Elevating Your Gifts and Impact in the World

I am so honored to be here with you. The sheer fact that we're here together, contemplating a journey of this nature is something I recognize and deeply respect. Whether you choose to participate in this training program or not, I'd like to extend these words to you: "The Priest/ess within me acknowledges, honors, respects, celebrates, and supports the Priest/ess within you, no matter the direction of your path forward."

With that, I wholeheartedly invite you to soak up everything the video below has to offer (that's the most important part of this entire page)!

It's not just a conversation about a training program. It's soul speak, and my aim is that it opens doors for you, shines a light on an inner calling, or even helps to let go of the fear, upper limits or blocks we often run into as we step further into our power, our gifts and our callings.

One quick note... The words Priest and Priestess (what I refer to as Priest/ess) have so many different connotations and can invoke so many different emotions in each of us. So my invitation, before you go any further, is to put aside any preconceived notions and past associations you have around these words.

This training program goes far beyond labels and words! With that, I invite you to grab your favorite drink and settle in for a conversation about the mysteries within, living out our soul callings and gifts, stepping into our capacity for bringing spirit into matter, and becoming a conduit of grace.

With so much love,
💛 Sabrina Lynn


Watching the Full Video is Required to Apply

This 30-minute video is the best way to feel if this program is for you. I invite you to HAVE FUN WITH IT! Take notes, light a candle, pay attention to what's happening in your body, listen to the video while taking a walk in nature or just after meditating. Let it deliver anything and everything it's meant to deliver.

Space is Limited to 22

Due to the advanced nature of this retreat, application is required. 

If this training calls to you, I invite you to apply early. This retreat is the only program of its nature in 2023 (and possibly ever). We anticipate that it will fill quickly.

"To be held in your priestess skill development by an elder of the path is invaluable. Being witness to how priestessing is done in service to the moment—the way Sabrina creates practices that way is mind-blowing! Gaining the knowledge, wisdom & insight of someone who has run a business & led a team as a priestess for many years... This is truly the greatest gift I've ever given myself.”

~Karen, Priest/ess Training Participant




Awaken the Sacred Energy Unique to You

  • Initiations into the sacred lineages that are unique to you! These initiations awaken YOUR connections, your ancestral wisdom, your dormant forces & capacities, your inner guidance, your guides & unseen supports.
  • Learn how to move sacred energies, not just within you but, also, to radiate them further out into the world.

It has not left a single area of my life untouched.” ~Analisa



Release Blocks & Upper Limits Holding You Back

  • Purify & release the things that are holding you back from following your priest/ess calling in a tangible way.
  • Move through & release karmic wounds, ancestral blocks, the witch wound, the sister wound, the priest/ess wound, the starving artist/starving healer wound.
  • Empowering you to move beyond old thought patterns and belief systems that hold you back. Things like... If I step into this much light, I'll be killed/lose love/be rejected/criticized. If I'm this empowered, bad things will happen. I will never get what I want. I can't make money if I live this way...


Learn Sacred Self Care, Soul Stamina & Self Mastery

  • Build the stamina to priest/ess in the world without getting depleted, exhausted or burned out.
  • Learn the sacred self-care practices you need to take care of your unique needs as a priest/ess, mystic, medicine woman, or lightworker.
  • Increase your stamina, your focus, your capacity to stay present to the moment, your ability to feel into the moment & move love through you in the way that serves the moment for the highest good of everyone & everything.
  • Find out how the life of the priest/ess can be more joyful, more ease-filled & more love-filled than you ever thought possible! Life can be a rich, glorious, colorful tapestry!

"This really works—three words I hear over and over! For those who are on a soul service path, I can't imagine a more fulfilling journey."
~ Jane

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Uncover, Refine & Live Your Sacred Calling

  • Define and/or refine how you are uniquely called to serve the world. We're often called to many things... but what are the greatest, deepest, truest things that are calling you?
  • Find your confidence to give your full, authentic self and your service to the world without fear or hesitation.
  • Learn how to bring it to ground, tangibly create a business as a priest/ess or take your current work or business to the next level.
  • Gain the capacity to easily switch on your mystic mind so you can see (and live from) your connection to the web of life and universal consciousness.
  • Live from the mystical truth that what brings you the most fulfillment, joy, and bliss is also your highest calling!

"I’ve come to think of Priest/ess training with Sabrina as a grand, cosmic striptease. You learn to ruthlessly peel back, lovingly burn, ferociously tear away and effortlessly dissolve any and all false layers that shroud your Soul’s brilliance. Your sweat and tears - tears of joy, tears of release - become the fertile moisture for your creations. Panting. Undone. You become the naked radiance of divine love incarnate, reveling in the sheer joy and ecstasy of remembering your Wholeness, pulsing with limitless potential.  And you know what? It’s really f%#@! fun.”

More of What People Are Saying About
Retreats with Sabrina

"Something in me has opened. I am changed forever. There is no going back. I finally feel like I’m starting to be alive and I have this burning desire to experience more.”
~ Maya

"I have reclaimed so much of my sensuality and self-expression. I’m so grateful to have unlocked the deepest recesses of my feminine power."
~ Louise

"It is the best investment I have ever made in myself, the best gift and the greatest tool to use going forward in relation to furthering this… utterly necessary soul work."
~ Georgia

"[Retreat] takes you to the deepest, rawest and unknown parts of self. You will shed parts of you that no longer serve you and completely recreate how you view your world."
~ Jo




  • Arrive from 12pm
  • 1pm: Opening Circle
  • Exploration 1
  • Exploration 2
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day


  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Exploration 3
  • Exploration 4
  • 12pm: Lunch (included)
  • Exploration 5
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day


  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Exploration 6
  • 12pm: Lunch (included)
  • Exploration 7
  • Exploration 8
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day


  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Exploration 9
  • 12pm: Lunch (included)
  • Exploration 10
  • Exploration 11
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day


  • 9am: Exploration 12
  • Wisdom Circle
  • Integration practice
  • Closing ceremony
  • 1pm: Begin journey home

** This is an approximate schedule, as we flow with what is arising for the group, and what most serves the moment.


Our retreat space is a lovingly restored ancient farm, steeped in the energy of the Goddess, abundant with ancient olive, citrus and pomegranates on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, that will deeply support this transformational work. Due to the private nature of our retreat venue we're unable to share more pictures but it's breathtaking.

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✔ Five days of advanced training not found anywhere else.

✔ Two 60-minute Live Group Calls on Zoom. One call before and one call after the retreat to connect, set intentions, answer any questions and integrate afterwards. Both calls will be recorded.

✔ Follow-up supports and practices to maintain the momentum of your journey.

✔ Private retreat center. This sacred land, steeped in the energy of the Goddess, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, amplifies and extends this deeply transformational work.

✔ Private facebook group for connection and continued support before and after retreat. This is a private group only open to the people who are on this retreat.

✔ Three fully catered meals: lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday (all allergies and preferences can be catered to).

✔ Snacks and drinks for all diets available throughout the duration of retreat.

✔ List of sacred sites in the area that you may choose to visit before retreat, during the evenings of retreat or after to extend and deepen your journey.

Not Included...

Sleeping accommodations and travel to and from the retreat center, which is approximately 30 minutes from the Ibiza Airport (IBZ). Non-stop flights from Barcelona, Madrid, and London fly into Ibiza Airport daily, other major European cities offer limited non-stop flights per week. We recommend booking accommodation in or near Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, this beautiful village is 20 minutes from the retreat center and is the most energetically supportive to your journey if a full service town is desired. For more rural accommodation, look for Airbnb’s or bed and breakfast hotels in the Santa Agnes de Corona and San Mateu d’Abarca areas, both are 15 minutes from the retreat center. Retreat center address will be sent to you upon application approval.

Prior to retreat, you'll also be able to connect with the other participants via our private Facebook group to coordinate rental cars, rideshares and/or accommodation shares.

We have specifically chosen not to include accommodation in this retreat offering so you can choose the type of space that best supports you and your journey. Please keep your retreat needs in mind when booking.


Enter your details and we'll notify you FIRST about upcoming in-person retreats!

"The transformation this training has activated, nourished and held me through has set in on a deep, cellular level. I will never be the same and I have never been more myself. This container is so deeply held in love and reverence to your way, your gifts, your power, your light that you have no other option but to surrender and become.”



Proven Track Record

82,000 students from 64+ different countries have journeyed through spiritual awakening, embodiment, and reclamation programs with Sabrina Lynn, based on her unique & original ReWilding Method. There’s a reason every single in-person retreat has sold out!

Be held in your priest/ess skill development by an elder of the path, witness how priest/essing is done in service to the moment, benefit from the knowledge, wisdom & insight of someone who has run a business & led a team as a priest/ess for many years, and receive next-level mentoring by a skilled practitioner with a proven track record!


It's YOUR Awakening

Our programs are guided enough so you can go deeper and access more, but open enough so you can follow what’s uniquely arising for you. In the end, it always comes back to YOUR connection, YOUR empowerment, YOUR awakening, YOUR spiritual power... without the need for anyone or anything else!

It's never that you lack the inner calling or the sacred lineage to follow it... Oftentimes, you've reached an upper limit that you can't break through on your own! The next awakening, the next initiation, the next breakthrough is waiting for you with the energy of the circle and a guide who has the skill to get you there.


Mystics OUTSIDE of Monastaries

You don't need to be a monk on a mountaintop to live an awakened life. You can live each day connected to the All of Everything, Consciousness itself, and the dance between the two, while paying your bills, folding your laundry, loving your family, creating a business, etc. The energies you work with on this retreat will show you how!

This is about learning to be a priest/ess in the world, to shine your light within all areas of your life. Your work, of course, but also in the seemingly more mundane areas of life.


Sacred Technologies that Work

This retreat is about waking up to higher mystical truths… Not just reading about them, but embodying them, and embracing them in such a way that your daily life is utterly transformed. This unique path creates a bridge between the sacred and the mundane, making it possible to bring consciousness, truth & transformation to every aspect of life, from career, to work, home, family, relationships, finances... ALL of it!




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Sabrina 56 Casual Lean Circle Fade 2

One final, personal note...

It's not everyday we get to work with sacred energies of this caliber while standing on a sacred land, amidst the energy of the Goddess, in a Circle of dedicated practitioners. It is my great honor to open the doors to this program and all that will weave into it! If it's calling you, I invite you to apply now.

Let's sit beside each other in temple space, dive into the most advanced trainings we can access together, and see just how far into the mysteries we can go, how many soul gifts we can illuminate within and how much we can support each other to step into our callings.

With love & excitement for what's to come,
💛 Sabrina Lynn

More of What People Are Saying About

"You think you’ve discovered your life’s purpose but hell no! There is way more for you to unlock! This Priest/ess training opens up soul-empowered living. It excavates and integrates inner soul potentials, anchoring your unique soul skills. How to describe what unfolds in front of your eyes in Circle with Sabrina?! You begin to live out your soul desires… desires that create your reality! It unfolds naturally as you build up your soul courage and soul confidence. You, quite literally, become the power station of light in physical form and are able to live out your priestess nature in every aspect of life the way YOU are called. You are now a living priestess 24/7… You just are it!!"
~ Bianca

"This sacred circle is so much more than just a powerful, intense dive into your truest soul's expression (it is that) and so much more than a facilitator/teacher/priest/ess training (it is that). It's also a space where service-dedicated souls have come together to open a channel together to the Divine."
~ Bree

"The complexity of Priest/ess training and the levels at which the shifts, reclamations and rememberings take place will never translate into words. Yet the physical life changes are undeniable! This deeply sacred space where you are truly seen, held, loved and nurtured into your truest expression is beyond priceless. The trust I've establish in myself through this container and it's encouragement to engage in my unique relationship with the Divine is nothing short of a blessing! A blessing that continues to pour through me and out into the world, not just through my work but through ALL areas of life! What a world we'll create as more of us choose to be guided into this way of living, serving and being!"
~ Malea