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    Sharing your experience and having your journey witnessed by others can be incredibly powerful. The same goes for witnessing the experiences of others. So, if you feel called to share, ask questions in the private Facebook group, or simply come hang out, please do! I am highly active in our Facebook group, as is the ReWilding Team. It's also one of the places where I hold impromptu bonus pop-up lives, which are always fun and insightful behind-the-scenes events. Joining the Facebook group is 100% optional, and simply an added bonus to this journey, so if you're not into social media, no stress!

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The ReWilding Facebook Group


The private group for the ReWilding community is a super supportive, all-inclusive, fun and quirky place where we discuss topics from the podcast, YouTube videos, retreats, online workshops and programs... all things ReWilding!

If you would like to connect with other like-minded people, click on the link below to join. I'd love to hang out with you there! 💛