Sacred Sexuality

Into Your Body, Your Pleasure, Your Inner Union: The Lost Path to the Divine

Online Experiential Workshop Series Open to All Genders and Sexualities

Sacred sexuality is most likely not what you think it is. It's not about having a partner, having an orgasm, or even necessarily having sex at all!

Sacred sexuality is the awakening, the blossoming, the harnessing of the infinitely powerful, infinitely creative force that breathes life into you, into me, into the all of everything. And then letting it take you to heights of ecstasy and depths of connection you never thought possible. (Again, not necessarily in physical intimacy or with a partner, though you can take it there too!)

Used as rocket fuel, sex energy can lift our consciousness to the stars to experience a state of being where love exists in and for itself and has no opposite. On a soul level, this is our natural state. ~ John Maxwell Taylor

This Sacred Sexuality Online Workshop Series is designed to help you begin exploring and awakening these mysteries within your own body.

So instead of reading a book about what some monk did a thousand years ago and thinking, “wow, that sounds amazing”—or “this guy is full of sh*t…” you’re experiencing it yourself.

You’re dancing around your kitchen, singing to your babies, making love to your partner (or yourself), thinking, “Holy smokes! This is it! I’ve found it! I’ve found ME! I can’t believe I can feel this good, this alive, this connected, this DIVINE!!!

It is the deepest, most transformational work I've accessed online...

— Stacey

Through [Sabrina's] workshops I have been to places and accessed emotions and energies that I have not touched in any other way.

— Mark

[Sabrina's] work is pulverizing... I can't hide, I can't lie and I can't run away. Her energy captures you. It's life-changing.

— Steve

It is the best investment I have ever made in myself.

— Georgia

Come with me—with an open heart, a curious mind and an optimistic soul—into the beautiful exploration and celebration of what our sexuality is actually meant to be.

Sacred Sexuality Element

These workshops, which I have designed myself after a decade
of personal sexual awakening, will guide you into:

  • Connecting with your body, and awakening the sacred life force within - leading to new levels of energy, vitality and passion, as well as self-love, self-compassion and self-awareness.
  • Understanding and honoring the depths and heights of sacred feminine and masculine sexual energy - helping you understand your inner struggles, as well as your gifts, and clarifying your path to sacred union within.
  • Working through shame, trauma, limiting beliefs and other barriers to sexual expression by first creating the safety and permission within yourself to be fully YOU, and slowly expanding it outward.
  • Cultivating presence and sacredness as the foundation for profound lovemaking - whether it be with a partner, with yourself, or with the world.
  • Explore tantric expression and divine union with powerful archetypal energies - thus expanding your ability to embody different aspects of sexual energy—gentle, erotic, angelic, primal, etc—and experience the fullness of yourself (included in the comprehensive version of this workshop series).
  • Opening to the undiscovered vastness of our sexual potential - this is where abilities like sex transmutation and sex magic reveal themselves... it's epic!!

The doors are open! If you're ready now this journey, this work, this awakening is for you, don’t hesitate to jump in right now! You’ll find the two options (basic & comprehensive) below!

And if you’re still trying to decide if this feels right for you, I invite you to watch the video below, where I do my very best to explain the sensual, sacred, life-changing power of this work.

You might not like hearing this, but there are aspects of this journey that will never make sense to the rational mind… so let yourself feel into this video from the deep, authentic, wise part of Self and you’ll know if this workshop series is for you.

What are the 5 Elements of Sacred Sexuality?

(Press play to find out!)

Sacred Sexuality Element


"Something in me has opened. I am changed forever.

There is no going back. I finally feel like I’m starting to be alive and I have this burning desire to experience more.”
~ Maya

"I have reclaimed so much of my sensuality and self-expression.

I’m so grateful to have unlocked the deepest recesses of my feminine power."
~ Louise

"It is the best investment I have ever made in myself,

the best gift and the greatest tool to use going forward in relation to furthering this… utterly necessary soul work."
~ Georgia

"[Sabrina] takes you to the deepest, rawest and unknown parts of self.

You will shed parts of you that no longer serve you and completely recreate how you view your world."
~ Jo

Sacred Sexuality
Victor Bauer


Workshop 1: Unveiling the Sacred Realms of Sexuality

  • Element 1: Awakening and connecting with the sacred-sexual energy channels in your body
  • Element 2: Working through past hurt, trauma and shame so you can fully embrace and express sexual spiritual energy

Workshop 2: Awakening to the Sacred Feminine & Masculine

  • Element 3 : Embodying the Sacred Feminine, the life force, the creation energy, the fierce fire and the gentle love that animates everything in the universe
  • Element 4: Aligning with the Sacred Masculine, consciousness itself, the awareness that holds, honors and reveres all of life

Workshop 3: Opening to Your Sexual Spiritual Potential

  • Element 5: Surrendering to the undiscovered vastness of your sexual potential. (This is where we awaken to innate abilities like sex magic and sex transmutation!)


Optional: Archetypal Embodiment

(Available as part of the Comprehensive Workshop Series)

Explore the full spectrum of sacred sexuality and sacred union—the pure, powerful love that creates all of life—with these four archetypes in these two workshops.

Workshop 4: Into the Depths with Dark God/Goddess Sexual Energy 

  • Discover the love, magic and healing held within erotic, primal expression, and reclaim it by working through blocks created by society & religion

Workshop 5: Into the Heights with Light God/Goddess Sexual Energy

  • Embody the highest vibration of love & light, and the endless potential for sex magic that exists in those realms


Mater T, Pater U by AR Papathanaki 


The synergy created by this balanced union catalyzes the forces of creation into manifestation. The love that is possible when birthed from this union is that of the unconditional sacred heart of Divine Source. By balancing, healing, honoring and integrating our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, we write a new future for ourselves, humanity and this planet. ~ Anahata Ananda

Sacred Sexuality Element

Unexpected Signs this Workshop Series is for You:

  • You love, love songs. They make your heart soar to heights, longing for that type of intimacy and connection.
  • You have a hard time experiencing, or letting yourself experience joy or happiness, like you somehow don’t trust them to stay around.
  • You don’t really like physical sex. It just feels so… Shallow. Like a hit of endorphins that wears off quickly and leaves you unsatisfied.
  • You've given up on all things sexual (maybe due to shame, trauma, or just lack of satisfaction) and poured your energy and focus into other things.
  • You can't believe that sexual expression can be spiritual, awakening, healing, evolutionary and love inducing.
  • You hate love songs, because you’ve never experienced anything like that and you’re tired of being lied to.
  • You don’t let yourself feel “unpleasant” emotions because you’re afraid you’ll get trapped in them and never come out.
  • You LOVE sex, but mostly because you can’t stop imagining and longing for the heights, the depths, the connection it could bring…
  • You're longing to have spiritual experiences in your actual, physical body and/or in your daily life. If Rumi can do it, why can't I?
  • You've tried many spiritual practices—meditating, reading Eckart Tolle, taking plant medicine, etc—but it all feels like it's missing something...

You might be wondering at this point, “How come more people aren’t talking about this? If it’s so amazing and accessible to everyone, even non-mountain-dwelling-monks or non-poetry-writing-mystics like me, why isn’t it more common?”

So glad you asked. This is one of my favorite rants.

Society has left it up to the individuals to haphazardly learn about the power of sexual energy (aka life force) on their own—after shaming the crap out of it. Why? Because it’s really really really powerful, and therefore pretty hard to divinize. So rather than try, most religions and cultures decided to just suppress the reality of it and replace it with fairytales about sexual purity and happily ever after. (As if that was ever going to work.)

So now, millennia later, religion and society have completely contaminated our natural sexual selves with surreal expectations, violence, traumas, taboos, fears, homophobia, power struggles and general ignorance.

To exacerbate the problem, modern pornography is focused solely on the body—ignoring all spiritual, emotional and connected parts of Self—leaving us in a vacuum to search for meaning in our sexual lives, while also feeling shame that we can’t ever seem to fill the yearning in our bones. (Not shaming pornography but we all know that it is just as much a misrepresentation of sexual energy as prince charming fairytales.)

I don't say all this to discourage you, I say it to give you hope.

We’ve all been dealt a garbage hand.

So it’s not you.

You’re not broken or doing it wrong. In fact, you’re here. And this, my dear friend, is the beginning of something life-changing...

But don't just take my word for it:


I don't think I expected how deep value [Sabrina’s work] would bring and how much change can happen in a small amount of time… You are so right that so much of the healing happens within the body, and not in the conscious mind… You made me believe true healing is possible." ~ Michalina

"Sabrina Lynn's Programme... was THE MOST tremendous course and medicine I've ever taken my life. Many times I have been promised by other coaches, gurus and teachers that their course or programme would promise me a life change, but none of them delivered. [Sabrina's online course] not only completely blew my mind, it actually changed my life." ~ Joy


"I came [to Sabrina] looking to heal what my previous spiritual teachers could not help me with. Psychologist, Reiki Master, Teachers of Yoga, Self-Knowledge and Meditation… I found that healing with [her] guidance and received insights way way way beyond that in the process." ~ Heidi

When You Sign Up, You'll Receive:


  1. The first three of the 1-hour video workshops described above in the basic version, or all five of the 1-hour video workshops in the comprehensive version.
  2. Lectures and focus practices to help you deepen into each workshop exploration (included at the end of each workshop).
  3. High-quality MP3 audio recordings for each workshop (in case you don't have great wifi).
  4. Supportive podcasts and videos that will further broaden your understanding of these esoteric concepts, and give you practices that you can implement in your daily life.
  5. Lifetime access to the full program (all video, audio, and supportive podcasts) via your member's area so you can journey when you like and as often as you like. 
  6. Invitation to our private Sacred Sexuality Facebook group for community and connection with like-minded souls on the same path.


So I say, if you are burning, burn. If you can stand it, the shame will burn away and leave you shining, radiant, and righteously shameless. ~ Elizabeth Cunningham

Sacred Sexuality Element

Sacred Sexuality Foundations (Basic)

$97 USD
  • (3) One-Hour Workshops Embodying the 5 Elements of Sacred Sexuality
  • (1) Kick-Off LIVE Circle Replay with Sabrina Lynn (Recorded on Sept 17th)
  • Invitation to our Private Sacred Sexuality Facebook Group

Sacred Sexuality Foundations (Comprehensive)

$194 USD
  • (3) One-Hour Workshops Embodying the 5 Elements of Sacred Sexuality
  • (2) One-Hour Workshops Embodying the 4 Archetypes of Sacred Sexuality
  • (1) Kick-Off LIVE Circle Replay with Sabrina Lynn (Recorded on Sept 17th)
  • (1) LIVE Circle on the Archetypes with Sabrina Lynn on Sept 25th (Replay will be added to your member's area)
  • Invitation to our Private Sacred Sexuality Facebook Group

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

 If you don't absolutely LOVE the Sacred Sexuality Foundations Workshop Series - or don't feel that it meets your needs - you have until September 19th to request a full refund. That gives you two days to explore the workshops and decide for yourself if this is a good fit. If it isn't, please contact and we'll help you right away.

This Program is NOTHING Like the ReWilding for Women Sexual Healing & Awakening Online Retreat.

Many are asking if the ReWilding for Women Sexual Healing and Awakening retreat is similar to this program. This program, Sacred Sexuality Foundations, is very different to the ReWilding journey. Here we'll be going into the 5 elements of sacred sexuality (something we didn't do in the other program). Here we'll also be working with very different energy channels, pathways and archetypes. Finally, the overall aim of this program is less about sexual healing of the feminine and more about awakening the sacred pathways of sexual-spiritual energy and where it can take us. I hope that helps explain the difference. If you still have questions please email us at

The Deepest, Most Transformative
Embodiment Work Online!

During this workshop series, we'll step into altered states of consciousness, similar in power to psychedelic realms but accessible to anyone at anytime without an external substance.

In these states, you sink below the logical, rational-thinking mind and into deeper realms of Self, where you have the ability to see through self-imposed limits, work through trauma in moments rather than years, and experience unbelievable awakenings—all of which translates into actual, lasting transformation in your daily reality.

We'll do this with a unique blend of sacred technologies from the feminine and masculine wisdom traditions. These practices are built on ancient practices but are engineered for our modern-day psyches, which we all know have been shaped very differently by technology and culture.

Specifically, I'll guide your through extremely powerful and esoteric archetypal embodiment practices used to invoke and commune with your personal archetypes (or parts of Self). We'll also work with powerful shamanic and tantric practices that allow you to alchemize shadows and wounds in a whole new way, freeing up massive amounts of your own energy and potential that you didn't even know was blocked or draining you.

Finally, you'll receive energetic transmissions that show your system how to be fully embodied, fully present, fully alive, whether your mind understands it or not. This is where the real magic happens, how "miraculous" awakenings and healings occur, which you will find in few other places on the planet...

If it sounds fluffy... it’s not! These practices will shift, heal, open and transform every aspect of your inner and outer world. Many of the people I have worked with say that is the deepest, most transformative healing and awakening work they have been able to find anywhere. No previous experience is necessary—all are welcome to join this workshop series.


Founder of ReWilding for Women and ReWilding for Men, Sabrina Lynn is known internationally for her groundbreaking, direct-line approach to personal evolution.

Sabrina has designed, developed and trademarked unique practices that take people far beyond the limitations of the mind; into the deeper realms where true and lasting transformation lies. 

She continues to create workshops and retreats, in-person and virtual, revolutionizing the way we explore sacred intimacy, shadow work and whole self embodiment.

Sabrina has 14 years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching archetypal psychology, neuroscience, corporate leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, tantra, somatic experiencing, physiology and mind-body connection.

Her audiences connect with her direct, down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable healings and life transformations.