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    Sharing your experience and having your journey witnessed by others can be incredibly powerful. And the same goes for witnessing the experiences of others. So, if you feel called to share, ask questions in the private Facebook group or simply come hang out, please do! Sabrina and her trained team are highly active in the group and it's one of the places where Sabrina holds bonus pop up lives. Joining the Facebook group is 100% optional and simply an added bonus to this journey. So if you're not into social media, no stress!

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Our private group for the ReWilding community is a super supportive, all-inclusive, fun and quirky place where we discuss topics from the podcast, YouTube videos, retreats, online workshops and programs... just like this one!

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What people have said about previous
ReWilding Programs...

"How have I been so blindly accepting the life I currently have for all these years - this ISN'T my DREAM Life - at all?!! The illusive veils of 'I just need to be more patient and more positive', came off! No more of that! I'm done with that. So yes, it was definitely a potent experience for me… Thank you Sabrina. ❤"

~ Joy

"Just… Wow! This is my first workshop with you Sabrina, and I already have to say thaaaank you from the bottom of my wisdom heart! I cannot say that I completely understood everything that happened, which is why it was important for me to hear the words - the mind doesn't need to understand it…. I hope one day in the future that life will lead me to one of your in-person retreats because, when this can happen, from your energy on a screen.... Wow, wow, wow!!"

~ Sigrid

"I just completed [this workshop] and absolutely loved it. I live in my head so much that it felt so freeing in a way to have Sabrina guide me to focus on my body/heart. It was the bridge I needed to connect my mind to my body… What came up for me was, “I’m here.” Meaning to me, that (my inner being) has always been here, but I’ve finally arrived… I’m so incredibly grateful for this."

~ Jen

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