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walking the dragon line

Empowerment, Truth, Transformation

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4-Day In-Person Retreat

April 13-16th, 2023

ReWilding Retreat Center in San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Limited to 22 Participants. Open to All Genders.


I'm excited to be here with you exploring the possibility of journeying into this territory together! The 25-minute video below is where you'll want to go first! It's the best way to find out if this retreat is for you. Plus, there are some interesting ideas in there that might inspire, invoke or ignite something! I invite you to let the conversation take you on a journey into the unknown.

Amidst the "unknown" in this video is the Dragon Line and how awakening this psycho-spiritual power in your body unlocks certain potentials, like the ability to tap into universal wisdom for powerful guidance, problem solving and acts of creation. In the video, you'll also learn about:

  • Altered states of mind that connect you with your higher purpose
  • Shadow work that quickly clears blocks so you can create your best life
  • Embodiment practices to channel higher frequency energy into your body, your mind and the areas of your life that you choose
  • Purpose, presence and potency to bring dreams to life, fulfillment and inner peace
  • Aliveness, connection and intuition to fuel your work, your health, your vibrancy, your relationships and your life

I invite you to have fun with the video! Take notes, pay attention to what's happening in your body, listen to it while taking a walk or just after meditating. Let it deliver anything and everything it's meant to deliver. Who knows... the video itself might bring you the 'aha' moment that you've been looking for!

With love,
Sabrina Lynn

P. S. Watching the entire video is required to apply for this retreat.

P. P. S. You don't need to have done any program of this nature to join this retreat. Reason being, this is well and truly an experiential journey that goes far beyond the mind, and oftentimes the less the mind "knows", the easier it is to drop in.


✨🐉 WATCH FIRST: Your Retreat Invitation 🐉✨

Space is Limited to 22

Due to the deep and intimate nature of this retreat, application is required. 

If this journey calls to you, I invite you to apply early. This retreat is currently the only in-person event we have planned for 2023 and we anticipate that it will fill quickly.


Many of the people Sabrina has worked with say that her ReWilding method is the deepest, most transformative healing, awakening and embodiment work they have been able to find anywhere.

This is deep inner alchemical transformation that leads to significant (and lasting!) outer change.

Structured as a momentum building process, you'll step into Sabrina's cutting-edge ReWilding modalities to tap into your life force, to access, heal, rewire and embody your inner capacity that then ripples out into your outer world.

You'll dive into powerful esoteric, shamanic and tantric embodiment practices that go far beyond the limitations of the mind and into the deeper, truer, more potent and powerful realms of Self to affect deep and lasting change.

You'll awaken higher states of consciousness and dormant capacities within by stepping into altered states of consciousness, similar in power to psychedelic realms, but accessible to anyone at anytime without the need for any external substances.

In these states, you'll go beyond the logical, rational-thinking mind and into deeper realms of Self, where you have the ability to see through self-imposed limits, work through trauma in moments rather than years, and experience unbelievable awakenings—all of which translate into actual, lasting transformation in your daily reality.

This will be done with a unique blend of sacred technologies, built on ancient practices, but engineered for our modern-day psyches (which we all know have been shaped very differently by our current technology and culture).

Specifically, you'll be guided through extremely powerful and esoteric archetypal embodiment practices used to invoke and commune with your personal archetypes (or parts of Self). You'll also work with powerful shamanic and tantric practices that allow you to alchemize shadow aspects and wounds in a whole new way, freeing up massive amounts of your own energy and potential that you didn't even know were blocked or draining you.

Finally, you'll receive energetic transmissions that show your system how to be fully embodied, fully present, fully alive, whether your mind understands it or not. This is where the real magic happens, how "miraculous" awakenings and healings occur, which you will find in few other places on the planet.

If it sounds fluffy... it’s not!

The ReWilding method will shift, heal, open and transform every aspect of your inner and outer world.

Through [Sabrina's] workshops, I have been to places and accessed emotions and energies that I have not touched in any other way."

This work strips away what needs to be released and connects you with every part of yourself, your intuition and deep wisdom. It’s what I’ve been seeking for a long, long time.” ~Kelly




Awakening Sacred Energies

  • Activate the depths of your upper, middle and lower wisdom centers, which will bring you into a more aligned and powerful state of being.
  • Awaken more of your life force and learn to work consciously with it for things of your choosing.
  • Tap into the psycho-spiritual power held in the Dragon Line for evolution, transformation and manifestation.
  • Learn the 6 body wisdom activation tools that you'll be able to use anywhere!

“The ripple effects of this on me and those closest to me continue to blow me open.” ~Kate



Divine Feminine

  • Develop greater feminine capacities, including embodiment, empathy, emotional intelligence, intuition and creativity.
  • Learn to create from feminine energy, which is attracting and magnetizing vs striving and doing.
  • Find aliveness, vitality and pleasure on levels you have yet to experience!
  • Learn how to shut your mind off and drop into the magic in your body... anytime, anywhere!
  • Discover your capacity to plug into the divine matrix, infinite all of everything, web of life. This will change EVERYTHING in your life!


Divine Masculine

  • Develop greater masculine capacities, including focus, stillness, awareness and staying power.
  • Learn how to make things happen quickly via directing pure consciousness through your body and mind.
  • Cultivate the internal depth, stability and strength required to be purposeful, non-attached and discerning—expanding your capacity to follow your purpose, to dance with your partner, to find peace in chaos at any moment.
  • Embody conscious penetration as a way of evoking love, beauty and truth in the world around you.


Mystical Union

  • Bring Mystical Union into every moment by learning to flow between consciousness and love.
  • Experience how spiritual awakening can be ease-filled, grounded, quick, smooth, joyful and loving.
  • Understand and embody both polarities of masculine/Shiva and feminine/Shakti energy so you can dance and weave through both in a way that amplifies passion, pleasure, purpose and power into the whole of your life.
  • Activate the sacred vortex within your body where the masculine & the feminine unite in order to step into more of your inner power.

“It’s like going on the most surprising and fulfilling adventure. Going to internal places that you imagined existed but you just didn’t know how to get there.” ~ Raelene 



The Dragon Line

  • Awaken the psycho-spiritual power within your being that holds the already united energy of the Divine Masculine & Feminine.
  • Open your capacity to bring the sacred into the mundane, deepening and awakening your daily life in every moment.
  • Give your gifts according to your own unique genius, fueled by the Dragon Line, which holds your deepest way of serving the world.



Shadow Work

  • Make the unconscious conscious (for more freedom, power and choice over all areas of your life).
  • Shine a light on deep-seated patterns that block/prevent/sabotage you from discovering the deeper magic within.
  • Break through upper limits using your own life force energy to awaken and ignite your unique potentials, inner wisdom and soul gifts.
  • Break through old relational conditioning, habitual patterning and cultural stereotypes that limit your ability to dance fully with both masculine and feminine energy.

"This work is pulverizing... I can't hide, I can't lie and I can't run away. The energy captures you. It's life-changing." ~ Steve



Becoming The Alchemist

  • Learn how to easily switch on your mystic mind so you can see (and live from) your connection to the web of life and universal consciousness.
  • Become the Alchemist as you learn how to tap into and wield the sacred powers within.
  • Discover the key to inner transmutation of the past, present & future.
  • Tap into the enormous amount of grace and universal wisdom available in every moment as you begin to feel the third energy created by the union of the sacred energies in your body.
Cali Retreat 2023 (10)



  • Create an unshakable connection to your truth (and access it in any area of your life)
  • Rewire and upgrade your operating system to become a master of your destiny and step into your full potential.
  • Break through upper limits (using your own life force energy)
  • Find your greatest way of loving and the capacity to create your most aligned, most fulfilling life.
  • Dedicate yourself to your soul, surrender in every moment to co-creation with the Divine and find the way to weave your unique thread in the tapestry of life.

"It was amazing to feel, see and be shown things I had buried and also given visions, which to me was symbolic of my progression in life."
~ Sean



Sacred Calling

  • Explore your higher purpose in life (What's that bigger thing you were meant to do in this life? What's your most destined path, your soul's purpose?)
  • Explore your soul's unique blueprint. Yes! We all have a life handbook, we just haven't been shown it... yet!
  • Activate your true north... this territory holds your truest purposes, passions and deepest heart's desires (a VERY powerful place to work!)
  • Find your confidence (give your full, authentic self and your service to the world without hesitation)

"Something in me has opened. I am changed forever. There is no going back. I finally feel like I’m starting to be alive and I have this burning desire to experience more.”

More of What People Are Saying About
Retreats with Sabrina

“I don't think I expected the deep value [Sabrina’s work] would bring and how much change can happen in a small amount of time… [Sabrina] made me believe true healing is possible." ~ Michalina

Many times I have been promised by other coaches, gurus and teachers that their course or programme would promise me a life change, but none of them delivered. [Sabrina's programme] not only completely blew my mind, it actually changed my life." ~ Joy

"Through [Sabrina's] workshops, I have been to places and accessed emotions and energies that I have not touched in any other way." ~ Mark




✔ Four days of deeply experiential, spiritual and embodied journeying not found anywhere else.

✔ Two 60-minute Live Group Calls on Zoom. One call before and one call after the retreat to connect, set intentions, answer any questions and integrate afterwards. Both calls will be recorded.

✔ Follow-up supports and practices to maintain the momentum of your journey.

✔ Private retreat center. This sacred site, steeped in the energy of divine union, located at the foot of Bishop's Peak in San Luis Obispo, amplifies and extends this intimate inner work.

✔ Private facebook group for connection and continued support before and after retreat. This is a private group only open to the people who are on this retreat.

✔ Two fully catered meals: lunch Friday and lunch Saturday (all allergies and preferences can be catered to).

✔ Snacks and drinks for all diets available throughout the duration of retreat.

✔ List of sacred sites in the area that you may choose to visit before retreat, during the evenings of retreat or after to extend and deepen your journey.

Not Included...

Sleeping accommodations and travel to and from the retreat center, which is approximately 20 minutes from the San Luis Obispo Airport. We recommend booking accommodation in San Luis Obispo, Avila Beach or Morro Bay. These three towns are energetically the most supportive to your journey and are a maximum of about 20 minutes from the retreat center. Retreat center address will be sent to you upon application approval.

Prior to retreat, you'll also be able to connect with the other participants via our private Facebook group to coordinate rental cars, rideshares and/or accommodation shares.

We have specifically chosen not to include accommodation in this retreat offering so you can choose the type of space that best supports you and your journey. Please keep your retreat needs in mind when booking.



Thursday, April 13th

  • Arrive from 12pm
  • 1pm: Opening Circle
  • Exploration 1
  • Exploration 2
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day

Friday, April 14th

  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Exploration 3
  • Exploration 4
  • 12pm: Lunch (included)
  • Exploration 5
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day

Saturday, April 15th

  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Exploration 6
  • 12pm: Lunch (included)
  • Workshop 7
  • Workshop 8
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day

Sunday, April 16th

  • 9am: Exploration 9
  • Wisdom Circle
  • Integration practice
  • Closing ceremony
  • 1pm: Begin journey home

** This is an approximate schedule, as we flow with what is arising for the group, and what most serves the moment.


We will be retreating at the beautiful ReWilding Retreat Center, a sacred site located at the foot of Bishop's Peak in San Luis Obispo, California.

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Registration Closes March 26th, in...


"ReWilding retreats have allowed me to drop into spaces within self that make little sense to my overworked rational mind. This has made all the difference in my life. The ripple effects of this on me and those closest to me continue to blow me open into more and more mysteries, love, grace, beauty and oneness." ~ Kate


This retreat is small, intimate and limited – a maximum of 22 participants will be invited into the program. Given that this is currently our only in-person event for 2023, we anticipate these spots to fill quickly. We also reserve the right to cut acceptance off at any point, even if that is before the maximum number of 22 participants has been reached.

Important – you'll want to make sure you've watched the ENTIRE video (at the top of the page) before applying. There are questions on the application that pertain to the video.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you a bit more via your application. Know that your responses are completely confidential. The only individuals who will ever see them will be me and your retreat manager, Malea.


"Something in me has opened. I am changed forever. There is no going back. I finally feel like I’m starting to be alive and I have this burning desire to experience more.”

~ Maya

"I have reclaimed so much of my sensuality and self-expression. I’m so grateful to have unlocked the deepest recesses of my feminine power."

~ Louise

"It is the best investment I have ever made in myself, the best gift and the greatest tool to use going forward in relation to furthering this… utterly necessary soul work."

~ Georgia

"[Retreat] takes you to the deepest, rawest and unknown parts of self. You will shed parts of you that no longer serve you and completely recreate how you view your world."

~ Jo



Proven Track Record

82,000 students from 64+ different countries have journeyed through spiritual awakening, embodiment, and reclamation programs with Sabrina. There’s a reason every single in-person retreat has sold out with a waiting list!


It's YOUR Awakening

Our programs are guided enough so you can go deeper and access more, but open enough so you can follow what’s uniquely arising for you. In the end, it always comes back to YOUR connection, YOUR empowerment, YOUR awakening, YOUR spiritual power... without the need for anyone or anything else!


Mystics OUTSIDE of Monastaries

You don't need to be a monk on a mountaintop to live an awakened life. You can live each day connected to the All of Everything, Consciousness itself, and the dance between the two, while paying your bills, folding your laundry, loving your family, creating a business, etc. The energies you work with on this retreat will show you how!


Sacred Technologies that Work

This retreat is about waking up to higher mystical truths… Not just reading about them, but embodying them, and embracing them in such a way that your daily life is utterly transformed. This unique path creates a bridge between the sacred and the mundane, making it possible to bring consciousness, truth & transformation to every aspect of life, from career, to work, home, family, relationships, finances... ALL of it!


Holy fuck!!
This was the best four days of my entire (almost 49) years ... My entire being shifted. I cannot believe that when I look in the mirror there isn't a different person. I feel so big now. I have no desire to be small to make others feel better/safer/in control. And whoa! I'd never experienced entire body orgasms previously. Breaking free of the crap within has allowed me to turn my world on end.

~ Alma



Have more questions? Please contact

Is This Retreat Right For You?


You want to stay in your comfortable box

You want to stay safe in the known

You're not willing to push the boundaries of what's possible for you

You're not willing to venture inwards to find the hidden gems within

You aren't interested in the secrets to creating lasting change

You're 100% happy with your relationships, your career, your health, your life


✔ You know there's more potential in you and you're ready to find it

You're called to bring change to the world and you'd like clarity and empowerment for your calling

✔ You want to be able to access your inner Wisdom Self (at any time) for guidance and direction in all areas of your life

✔ You want to be initiated into new sacred technologies not found anywhere else that you can use for yourself with ease in the future

✔ You feel drawn to the sacred site, the ley line, the Dragon Line (even if you don't know why)

✔ You've been exploring the masculine/feminine path, tantra or polarity work and you're ready to uncover the next level on that path

✔ You want to learn to access a multitude of altered states of consciousness anytime, anywhere... without external substances

✔ You want more love, joy, passion, alignment, connection, purpose and fulfillment in your life

One final, personal note...

It's not everyday we get to work with sacred energies of this caliber, while standing on a sacred site, in an eclipse window! YES! Our retreat weekend is just days before an astrological event known to the mystics as an extraordinary time of spiritual awakening and life transformation.

I know for myself... this moment in time, where all these things are aligning in absolute perfection... will never come again.

While I can't say exactly what will happen for you on this retreat, I can say with absolute certainty you will not leave this retreat as the same person you were when you arrived. I can also say that regardless of how powerful, how rapid and how intense working in this energy will be... it is ALWAYS in your highest good!

It is my great honor to open the doors to this program and all that weaves into it! If it's calling to you, I invite you to apply now, before this moment in time passes us by.

Let's create something together that will forever change us.. in the best ways possible!

With all my heart,

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