Nodes of Fate Destiny Points


I am so excited to be talking Nodes of Fate with you! These powerful, revelatory soul points can shed so much light on our lives... what we're called to, why we love what we love, what we're striving for, what innate gifts we have... and so much more! Enjoy this journey inward and take it as far as you feel to (more on that in the video)! You'll find everything you need below:

  1. ReWilding Astrology Tutorial – a short video guide on how to discover your personal nodes of fate.
  2. Finding the Location of Your North Node Instructions – included below the video are instructions on how to locate your north node.
  3. North Node Insights - short descriptions of each of the nodes so you can start to uncover the insights held in your own personal nodes of fate.

With that, I invite you to dive into the video below!

With so much love,
💛 Sabrina Lynn

ReWilding Astrology Tutorial

Mystical Gifts & Soul Purpose Insights

From the humble acorn, the mighty oak grows. Looking at the growth of our soul as that of a tree, stemming from the roots buried in the depths (South Node) and stretching up through the nobbles and twists of life that form around the inner strength of the trunk – high, high up into the branches that reach the ultimate shining light of our soul (North Node).

The placement of our North Node in our charts lends insight into how it is that our own native challenges and personal struggles are also the very gems along the path to us shining in our innate souls gifts and mystical expressions. The sign in which our North Node is placed can give us hints and guidance about the shifts that are wanting to occur within us in order to allow our natural soul light to shine in all of its brilliance.


Finding the Location of Your North Node

Below is a glimpse of some of these guiding clues, taken from or inspired by Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.

First, have a look at this table in order to find the sign your North Node is in.

Birth Date Sign
Sept 13/39 – May 24/41 Libra
May 25/41 -Nov 21/42 Virgo
Nov 22/42 – May 11/44 Leo
May 12/44 – Dec 13/45 Cancer
Dec 14/45 – Aug 2/47 Gemini
Aug 3/47 – Jan 26/49 Taurus
Jan 27/49 – Jul 26/50 Aries
Jul 27/50 – Mar 28/52 Pisces
Mar 29/52 – Oct 9/53 Aquarius
Oct 10/53 – Apr 2/55 Capricorn
Apr 3/55 – Oct 4/56 Sagittarius
Oct 5/56 – Jun 16/58 Scorpio
Jun 17/58 – Dec 15/59 Libra
Dec 16/59 – Jun 10/61 Virgo
Jun 11/61 – Dec 23/62 Leo
Dec 24/62 -Aug 25/64 Cancer
Aug 26/64 -Feb 19/66 Gemini
Feb 20/66 -Aug 19/67 Taurus
Aug 20/67 -Apr 19/69 Aries
Apr 20/69 – Nov 2/70 Pisces
Nov 3/70 – Apr 27/72 Aquarius
Apr 28/72 – Oct 27/73 Capricorn
Oct 28/73 – Jul 10/75 Sagittarius
Jul 11/75 – Jan 7/77 Scorpio
Jan 8/77 – Jul 5/78 Libra
Jul 6/78 – Jan 12/80 Virgo
Jan 13/80 – Sep 24/81 Leo
Sep 25/81 – Mar 16/83 Cancer
Mar 17/83 – Sep 11/84 Gemini
Sep 12/84 – Apr 6/86 Taurus
Apr 7/86 – Dec 2/87 Aries
Dec 3/87 – May 22/89 Pisces
May 23/89 – Nov 18/90 Aquarius
Nov 19/90 – Aug 1/92 Capricorn
Aug 2/92 – Feb 1/94 Sagittarius
Feb 2/94 – Jul 31/95 Scorpio
Aug 1/95 – Jan 25/97 Libra
Jan 26/97 – Oct 20/98 Virgo
Oct 21/98 – Apr 9/00 Leo
Apr 10/00 – Oct 12/01 Cancer
Oct 13/01 – Apr 13/03 Gemini
Apr 14/03 – Dec 25/04 Taurus
Dec 26/04 – Jun 21/06 Aries
Jun 22/06 – Dec 18/07 Pisces
Dec 19/07 – Aug 21/09 Aquarius


The Gifts in Your North Node

Now that you know what sign your North Node is in, you can discover the gifts held within.

North Node in Aries/North Node in the 1st House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Naturally giving
  • Innovators and pioneers
  • Innate ability to see others’ points of view, and negotiate fairness
  • Reaching of independent lights
  • Successful in work that requires initiative and independent action
  • They help others best by truly being themselves
  • It is their destiny to get in touch with the strength and power of their own vibration

When they trust in themselves and follow their own impulses, everyone wins.

2. Attributes to Develop

Aries North Node brings a desire for happiness and fairness, and the support of another. By embracing their own independent self, expressing and following their own spirit, they will find their own fulfillment and support within self. This actually then opens the path to attract those who will also support them. Being balanced and supportive of self will bring balanced support of others. The best way to help others is by being true to self.


North Node in Taurus/North Node in the 2nd House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Master builders – home, business, relationship – anything
  • Innate understanding of the patient steps of the sensory/natural world
  • Naturally gifted in crises along the path
  • Affinity with psychology and awareness of the wants and needs of others

2. Attributes to Develop

Finding true and solid sense of self and their own desires and purpose first, enables the desired merging with another in mutual empowerment. Let go of the need for validation through others. Strength through own values and own energy and supported by nature, is found with patience.


North Node in Gemini/North Node in the 3rd House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Keen insight
  • Ability to perceive the truth between thoughts and words of others without losing own truth
  • Expanded perspective
  • Innate awareness of ethics and morality
  • Spiritual intuitive awareness

2. Attributes to Develop

Listening for absolute truth. By loosening their grip on the idea that they are the ones who hold the truth, and opening to listening to what is around them and the stories and points of view of others, that very sense of truth they seek can be found through their natural honing perception, when they truly listen.


North Node in Cancer/North Node in the 4th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Innate ability to nurture and support others
  • Highly dependable, far more sensitive than most people perceive
  • Deep longing to relate to people on a genuine level
  • Shrewd negotiation and masters at achieving their goals
  • Instinctive knowledge of how to get things done
  • Business acumen, gives excellent advice

When they respond from a position of caring and wanting to be supportive, they win.

2. Attributes to Develop

North Node in Cancer are accustomed to taking change. They often seek recognition and validation for the hard work they do. However, if they can let go of that need for control and allow their own vulnerability to surface, they can actually find the security they seek within themselves. Acknowledging their own feelings also enables them to better understand the feelings of others and their innate gifts of nurturing others (and self) can shine from a secure place.

It's time to take a more playful, open approach to life and find the courage to let others see how they feel. This is a lifetime to experience caring and being cared for by others on an intimate level, and to find a sense of "home" within.

North Node in Leo/North Node in the 5th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Creative energy
  • Innate ability to bring joy
  • Ability to see objectively
  • Creation of happiness

2. Attributes to Develop

North Node in Leo can bring a desire to receive love. By developing trust in their own creative light and following their light rather than the light of others, and sharing their own light with others, they can then find the trust in self/confidence to follow their own heart rather than hold it at a distance. With this trust in self and taking delight in the joys of the heart, they create their own happiness and find the love that is so sought.


North Node in Virgo/North Node in the 6th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Ability to see how to restore order from chaos (when focused on the here and now)
  • Innate healing abilities
  • Perception and Compassion
  • Spiritual awareness of the bigger picture

2. Attributes to Develop

North Node in Virgo brings a perception beyond the masks of others, and compassion for what is seen. Despite showing a strong front, they are actually very sensitive themselves. They have a natural aptitude to see needs of others and want to help, however a focus on others’ perception of them can lead to anxiety and withdrawal. If their focus remains on the needs of the other and they help from that place rather than worrying about how they are being perceived, they actually help themselves as well, with a deeper trust in self, and naturally shine in the process.


North Node in Libra/North Node in the 7th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Ability to perceive and communicate position of others
  • Harmonious compromise
  • Innate ability to energise and uplift others
  • Independence and leadership

2. Attributes to Develop

North Node in Libra brings a desire for the light of appreciation to shine on them. If they can look selflessly to those who recognize their light, and give selflessly of their light and energy, this is what will reflect to them the light of appreciation and recognition they seek. When they give freely of their light they have a natural gift to energize and uplift others. Strong self-identity – when used to support others – brings inner satisfaction and glow.


North Node in Scorpio/North Node in the 8th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Ability to delve into the minds of others and discern intentions
  • Bringing to light that which is unseen
  • Empowerment
  • Innate gifts of thoroughness and determination
  • Creating stability in crises

2. Attributes to Develop

North Node in Scorpio brings a desire for financial stability and acquisition to feel comfort, vitality and security. There is a need to develop self-discipline to bring about an inner sense of security, which in turn will enable them to embrace change and flexibility to share with others and loosen their grip on the status quo – this freedom will lead to the security and vitality they seek.


North Node in Sagittarius/North Node in the 9th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Intuition and psychic perception
  • Innate ability to understand others
  • Ability to find solutions
  • Communication

2. Attributes to Develop

Trust in own intuition and understanding of what is perceived in the unseen. Desire to feel both confident in themselves while being connected with others. Second guessing and doubting those perceptions with logic, or trusting others’ perceptions over own can throw this off and be self-perpetuating downward spiral. By following their own innate intuition in the moment, they find that very confidence and harmonious connection they seek.


North Node in Capricorn/North Node in the 10th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Innate management abilities
  • Sensitivity
  • Awareness and empathy with the feelings of others
  • Capacity for organization

2. Attributes to Develop

North Node in Capricorn brings a desire to feel safe, protected and cared for, for a sense of belonging. Through taking charge of self – that which can be controlled, and developing own sense of self-respect, brings alignment to higher principles, and the desired feelings of safety and belonging.


North Node in Aquarius/North Node in the 11th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Ability to promote harmonious cooperation
  • Capacity to see things differently and make that perception manifest
  • Innovative and objective
  • Creative passion, kind, happy and carefree
  • Determination to see things through to completion, resilient

When they let others help them reach their goals and encourage the uniqueness of others, they win.

2. Attributes to Develop

The ability to risk being disapproved of by others! If they can let go of personal need being their driving force, and focus their natural creative and energizing talents on a ‘greater good’, this creates the space for the universe to work with them, and they will find their personal desires are in harmony. They need to suspend judgement of others and investigate why others think the way they do. 

It's time to develop self-approval and respond authentically from who they are. This is a lifetime to empower others, focus on humanitarian causes, and create win-win situations.


North Node in Pisces/North Node in the 12th House

1. Souls Gifts, Talents & Unique Mystical Expressions

  • Pursuit of spiritual truth
  • Expanded states of consciousness
  • Reflective, works well alone
  • Ability to notice detail and analyze significance
  • Innate practicality
  • Manifesting a vision

When they learn to 'be' rather than 'do', align with a Higher Power, and begin to live more consciously, they win.

2. Attributes to Develop

Trust in the flow of the ‘higher path’. Let go of the need for self and others to follow a rigid plan of their own making. In allowing the flow of the universe to be the guide, the perfection of the sought ‘plan’ can actually be found in the connected oneness. This is actually the harmony they seek.

It's time to plan less and allow life to unfold more spontaneously. This is a lifetime to 'let go and let God'. Admit to mistakes, release all expectations (of self and others), give up the need to fix others, and get out of the way!


Adapted from Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller, Bantam, 1997

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