The ReUnion Experience - Bonus Videos

Start Your ReUnion Journey TODAY with These Videos!

  • Video One - How Your Own Internal Masculine & Feminine Energies are Flowing, or Fighting
  • Video Two - Forbidden Feminine: How Society Limits the Sexual, Dark, Mysterious Aspects of the Feminine
  • Video Three - Forbidden Masculine: How Society Limits the Powerful, Focused, Driven Aspects of the Masculine


These videos are not required, they're just an offering to get the juices flowing.

If these bonus videos don't resonate or the language is unfamiliar, don't worry! We've created The ReUnion Experience specifically with this in mind.

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Yes. You have both masculine and feminine energies within. If you prefer you can call them Shiva & Shakti. Sun & moon. We don't really care about their names. We care about their relationship.

Are they wrestling for control? Tripping over each other’s feet? Or are they supporting each other in equality, weaving to create a life that feels full of both mission and meaning, purpose and experience?

Get ready to be vulnerable and honest with yourself, as this episode invites you to take full ownership of your own masculine and feminine energy.

Topics Explored:

  • What is the relationship between your own inner masculine & feminine?
  • What is the relationship between your masculine/feminine and another's?
  • How this dynamic affects every aspect of life.
  • Letting go of the shame of "not good enough."

The Forbidden Feminine

Getting in touch with your Forbidden Feminine will open you up to understanding and embracing your true desires and callings, so you can live in a way that actually makes you happy, instead of fake and forced.

When your feminine evolves, she calls in the evolution of your masculine as well, creating a space within self where you feel safe to chase your secret dreams.

Topics Explored:

  • Discover the aspects in yourself that you consider taboo
  • Where you might be unknowingly judging or limiting yourself
  • Uncover what feels completely forbidden, but true
  • Rewiring our beings to have the capacity to hear our deep inner truth

The Forbidden Masculine

Facing the "shadows" you have around the masculine can have huge impacts on your life, from unlocking your drive and power, to reawakening your sense of living in service, and with purpose.

In case that wasn't enough, the masculine's evolution will support the healing of the feminine within as well, leading to profoundly deeper & more passionate connections.

Topics Explored: 

  • Experience the raw essence of the masculine for perhaps the first time.
  • What are we forbidding in ourselves and others?
  • Why and how working with our masculine energy is an incredible gift and affects our relationship with the feminine.

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