The Path of the Priest/ess

A Rigorous 18-Month, 300-Hour Advanced Training Program

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Limited to 28 Individuals



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I am so honored to be here with you. The sheer fact that we're here together, contemplating a journey of this nature is something to be recognized, respected and even revered. No matter if you decide to join this training or not, I want to say, "The wisdom in me sees, honors, respects, celebrates and supports the wisdom in you, no matter what your path forward is."

With that, I wholeheartedly invite you to dive into everything the video below has to offer (that's the most important part of this entire page)!

It's not just a conversation about a training program! It's soul speak, and it might open doors for you, shine a light on an inner calling, or even help to let go of the fear we sometimes feel around stepping into our power, our gifts and our callings.

One last note (and confession)... I have struggled so much with what to call this program!

The words Priestess and Priest have so many different connotations and can invoke so many different feelings in each of us. So my invitation, before you go any further, is to put aside any former connotations, preconceived notions or strange feeling you have around these words.

This training program goes far, FAR beyond titles! With that, grab your favorite drink, pen and paper and sit down with me for a conversation about the mysteries, our soul callings and gifts, our capacity for bringing spirit into matter, how we can become a channel for grace and so much more!

With all the love in the world,
💛 Sabrina Lynn


Step 1:

Join Me For A Deep Conversation About Priest/ess Training

This 1-hour video is where you will find the program details... including what Priest/essing is, the four pillars of the program, practical details and much more!

Watching the entire video is required to apply. It's an invitation, a transmission, a call!
PLUS... it's the best way to feel if this program is for you!

I invite you to have fun with it! Take notes, pay attention to what's happening in your body, listen to the video while taking a walk or just after meditating. Let it deliver anything and everything it's meant to deliver.

Trust the process, this conversation could be your first step into the training program. 💛

Step 2:

Check Out Everything Your Training Program Includes


18 Online Weekend Retreats

One retreat per month, held LIVE online via Zoom


Private Facebook Group

[Optional] Connect with the support team and share with program peers


Experiential Practice

Put into practice your unique way of Priest/essing


2 Private Calls with Sabrina

2 x 40-minute, one-on-one, deep-dive Zoom calls


Behind-The-Scenes Training

[Optional] Become a member of the ReWilding Support Team


Peer Review

Gain valuable insights and take your skills to the next level


Monthly Support Share Circles

Monthly 1.5 hour long online Zoom gatherings for support


World Class Workshops

New spiritual technologies not found anywhere else


Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all recorded program content

More Details on these Inclusions...

18 Online Weekend Retreats
One each month, held LIVE on Zoom, where we'll gather in sacred space, not just for the times designated for the retreat, but we'll deepen in together for the entire weekend through social gatherings, deepening practices and invitations to immediately ground all that you're learning into your daily life. These will be recorded and added to your member's area for lifetime access.

Two Private, One-on-One Calls with Sabrina
Tailor your training at the start, and solidify it toward the end, with these 40-minute, deep-dive, private Zoom calls.

  • Call #1 to take place May 2022, just after the 1st retreat weekend. Here you can set your intentions, get practices specific to where you're at on your path and tailor your journey.
  • Call #2 to take place September/October 2023, in the final months of the training program. Here you can tangibly bring everything that has been revealed, uncovered and activated over the course of the program into your career, your daily life and your unique way of priest/essing in the world.

Monthly Support Share Circles
Each month the program support team will hold a 1.5 hour long online Zoom gathering where you can connect, ask questions and be supported on your journey. These will also be recorded and added to your member's area in the event that you can't make it LIVE.

Private Facebook Group
[Optional] This is a way of sharing, connecting and being with others in the training program and is completely optional. This group will be very tightly held by our support team and is a great place to ask questions. You will have access to this community as soon as your application is accepted.

Behind-the-Scenes Training
[Optional] You have the option to become a member of the ReWilding support team! The experience you can gain here is priceless, it's an opportunity to put into practice what you are learning in real time. This is an optional component of the training program and is only open to those in Priest/ess Training.

World Class Workshops
In the video you will have heard me say, "We’re moving into the New." This program is the one that will go the furthest with the new spiritual technologies of our time. We'll be working the grid, exploring ever-expanding states of consciousness, and opening to mystical gifts and capacities – all tailored towards you serving and delivering in your unique way, in today's world.

Experiential Practice and Peer Review
Put into practice your unique way of priest/essing, be witnessed, supported and reviewed by others – by Sabrina, the support team and by program peers. Peer review is not something to be nervous about. You will be held in a love-filled container while receiving feedback on what you're great at and also tips, tricks and ideas on how to take things to the next level.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime access to a private member's area that will contain all recorded content from the program. This way if you can't make it LIVE to a retreat weekend you'll still be able to journey when it works best for you. You'll also be able to revisit breakthrough moments or deepen into powerful practices by returning to them.


20% Discount on In-Person Retreats Held During the 18 Months
Given the current travel climate and state of the world, in-person retreats are currently something we're hoping to be able to facilitate in the coming months. Should the state of things shift to support an in-person retreat we will most certainly hold them and you will have the option of joining at a 20% discount. NOTE: these are NOT part of the training program the offer is simply there if you feel it would support your journey.

40% Discount on Online Programs Created During the 18 Months
We are living in an extraordinary time when we're being initiated into so much new! ReWilding is evolving and will likely be introducing new online programs. If we release a new program that you feel would support your journey, you're welcome to join at a 40% discount. NOTE: these must be new programs that have not been previously released. Also please NOTE: these online programs are NOT part of the training program the offer is simply there if you feel it would support your journey.

Step 3:

Add These Online Retreat Dates To Your Calendar

While you are strongly encouraged to attend all online retreat weekends LIVE, we will record all retreat material and add it to your member's area for lifetime access.

During retreat weekends we encourage you to not only set aside the hours dedicated to LIVE Circle but the entire weekend as well. The reason for this is three-fold:

  1. There will be two, optional online group gatherings each weekend. These are of a more social, supportive, community-gathering nature. One will take place after Saturday's workshop and the other will take place prior to Sunday's workshop.
  2. Over the weekend there will be invitations to deepen into certain practices, spend time in reflection and implement things directly and immediately into your daily life, your business or your relationships.
  3. You will be in the energetic vortex of retreat the entire weekend and you'll want to take full advantage of the doors that are open, the insights that are available, and the alchemical energy that's amplified. This is best done when you have the time and space set aside to fully be in the energy.
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All dates and times are posted in US Pacific Time.
See time zone converter here


In between retreat weekends the support team will hold 1.5 hour long online Zoom gatherings where you can connect, ask questions, and be supported on your journey.

The support team will hold one per month (dates and times to be determined). These will also be recorded and added to your member's area in the event that you can't make it LIVE.


I love that Priest/ess Training is an online program. It provides an opening to so much more potential. On a personal level it's the freedom to be in your home, wherever that is. The deep, transformative magic that Sabrina creates together with the group is the same. I know as I have been in both in-person and online programs. It can also help us to move beyond some limited beliefs we have, and we are anchoring the energy directly into our lives. How cool is that! As a group, we can weave threads all around the globe, as so many more have the possibility to join, and I feel this is so wanted. I feel Her longing, and the potency we have in this time, for all and everything.
~ Susanne

Step 4:

Fill Out Your Application

This training program is small, intimate and limited – a maximum of 28 participants will be invited into the program. We anticipant these spots to fill quickly, and reserve the right to cut acceptance off at any point, even if that is before the maximum number of 28 participants has been reached.

Important – you'll want to make sure you've watched the ENTIRE video (from step 1) before applying. There are questions on the application that pertain to the video.

We're looking forward to getting to know you a bit more via your application. Know that your responses are completely confidential. The only individuals who will ever see them will be me and your support team.


We want to make sure that this program is 100% the right program for you!
If you attend the first full retreat weekend and you don't feel that this is the right training for you, then ask for your money back that evening within 4 hours of the finish of retreat. You'll receive a full refund and you'll be excused from the group. No refunds after our first retreat weekend as we're locking in the group and co-creating an amazing space for the remainder of the 18 months!

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What's Being Said About Programs with Sabrina

The video and words shared here are from individuals who were in a 12-month online training program with Sabrina called Immersion. This program is not Priest/ess Training but it was fully held online, has a very similar framework, and was of similar time and investment commitment levels.



The investment for Priest/ess Training is located in the application along with payment plan options. We do hold a scholarship program but all of the scholarships for this particular program have already been allocated.


Yes, everything is online and it's actually quite genius how it works. My guess is that you're called to be a mystic OUTSIDE of a monastary. What better way to open to your gift and practice your skills than in the very place you're called to serve! This way you don't develop a dependency on having to be in a retreat in the mountains to connect, to open the channel, to turn on your skill. In this program you're actually being trained to be able to it anywhere, anytime. This is the new way of the Priest/ess. His/her temple space is the world! There is no better way to develop the gift to serve the world than to be in the world while training that capacity.

What if i can't make one of the retreat weekends?

While it's highly recommended to attend the weekend retreats LIVE on Zoom, we know that life has important occasions and doesn't always go as planned, so all content will be recorded and you will be able to access these recordings in your member's area (within 48 hours).

What if i have no idea how I'm going to "priest/ess" in the world?

That's the beauty of this training program! You don't need to know! You'll uncover that over the course of our 18-months together. Through the weekend retreats, the one-on-one sessions, the practice time, the share circles and the peer review you'll uncover all that you're meant to know about what you're uniquely called to do and how you're uniquely called to do it these modern and evolving times.

Is this a program that trains me in exactly how you priestess, Sabrina?

Nope! Most certainly not. This is a program that is designed to help you figure out and step fully into how YOU priest/ess in the world. I will create the space, facilitate practices and hold you to your soul fire and unique genius – that's me standing fully in my truth, honoring yours.

Is this like any other ReWilding program you have run?

No. I talk about this in the video but I want to clarify that while you may have been involved in other intensive ReWilding programs, such as Mystery School or Immersion, this program is new and unique. It's designed in the current energy and will be co-created with all the participants in the program. We create this as we journey, strengthening your channel for grace at an ever-deepening level.

I'm new to reWilding and your work Sabrina, can I do this program?

It's highly recommended that you have gone through an intensive program such as Immersion or Mystery School, or attended ReWilding in-person retreats or completed multiple ReWilding online retreats. That is because we will have already started your soul awakening, purifying and stamina building process. That said, I will absolutely consider all applications. So if you're feeling the call please apply and we can determine if this particular program is suitable or if there may be something else that we can identify to meet your current soul needs.

An 18 month program. Why so long?

An 18 month container is what's required to go through all the awakening, purifying, refining, stamina building practices whilst also giving you time and space to integrate and practice your unique gifts with peers. You'll be able to put things into practice in the real world from day 1 so imagine the possibilities for you after an 18 month container! People often ask "What will change in my life?" and the simple answer to that is that EVERYTHING is up for change. It will depend on you and your unique soul path as to what that change is.

What if I've already stepped into serving? How will this help me?

Those of us called to this path know that we're never done growing, refining our skills or adjusting to an ever-changing world. We also know that consciousness, whether that be the world's consciousness or ours, is never done evolving or expanding. And the same goes for human potential (our potential). It's never done increasing.

This program holds a space that allows you to start from the exact place you're at on your path, no matter how long you've been serving, to what degree you've been serving or in what capacity you've been serving. It's a space that allows you to really go for it, to expand and to experiment with the new energy coming in, and to explore your own new callings, in a space where you're not teaching, facilitating or holding. Those of us on a path of service need spaces where WE can grow, let go and fall apart so that we can be rebuilt with greater capacities and greater stamina. If you've been on this path for any length of time, you'll know how to feel into what's true for you. And if this program feels true for you then you know what to do.

What if I'm not sure I got the call like sabrina talked about in the video?

Sometimes our logical/rational mind attempts to do things to prevent change, transformation and growth. There's an aspect in all of us that likes to stay comfortable, to stay the same, to stay in what it thinks is "safe", especially around soul territory like Priest/ess Training! Stepping into this goes against everything your ego is trying to do to keep you safe. Something you can do is write down all the objection stories (money, time, commitment, etc.) that your mind is creating, and ask, "Is this true?" Another thing you can do is listen to the shares in the "What's Being Said" video. 

At the end of the day, you will KNOW if the call is there, it'll be beyond all the mind stories. Now is your opportunity to answer it!

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Let's sit beside each other in temple space for a year and a half and see just how far we can go into the mysteries, how many soul gifts we can illuminate within and how much we can support each other to step into our callings.
I'm beyond excited to do this with you!
💛 Sabrina



There is another way you can work LIVE with Sabrina!

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