Bonus Videos to Support the Awakening of your Authentic Self

Video One - How Your Own Internal Masculine & Feminine Energies are Flowing or Fighting

Video Two - Sacred Union: Uncover Your Unique Path to Reuniting with the Divine

Video Three - Finding Fulfillment: 5 Questions that Reveal What Your Soul Craves & Where You’re in the Way


These videos are some of our community's favorites, and may help to spark further insights or support the energetic shifts you experienced in the workshop. Go with your gut on which you want to watch first, or watch it all. There's no right or wrong here, just what's true for you.

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Yes. You have both masculine and feminine energies within. If you prefer you can call them Shiva & Shakti. Sun & moon. We don't really care about their names. We care about their relationship.

Are they wrestling for control? Tripping over each other’s feet? Or are they supporting each other in equality, weaving to create a life that feels full of both mission and meaning, purpose and experience?

Get ready to be vulnerable and honest with yourself, as this episode invites you to take full ownership of your own masculine and feminine energy.

Topics Explored:

  • What is the relationship between your own inner masculine & feminine?
  • What is the relationship between your masculine/feminine and another's?
  • How this dynamic affects every aspect of life.
  • Letting go of the shame of "not good enough."

Sacred Union Within Self, and in the World Around You

Sacred union is so much more than sex, than relationship, than basically anything our little minds can imagine.

Sacred union is coming home to the truth of our unwavering divinity and oneness.

Join Sabrina Lynn for this exploration of what sacred union means to you, in you, and how you can follow the breadcrumbs of your own longing to find it…

Topics Explored:

  • What is sacred union, and why we all long for the experience of it (sometimes unconsciously)?
  • How do you uniquely crave to experience it?
  • Practices to help you figure out your next step towards it.

Reflective Questions that Reveal the Root of your fulfillment

Authenticity. Fulfillment. Self acceptance. Self love. Why the hell are these things so hard to find?

We try to be a person we are not, hoping that will help, while still judging ourselves and utterly dissatisfied the entire time. Enough!

Dive into these 5 questions of self discovery to figure out what will actually fulfill you, and how to embrace the person you are secretly dying to be.

Topics Explored:

  • 5 questions that get around our egos to reveal what our souls are calling to express.
  • How to find true, lasting, deep-rooted fulfillment.
  • Why it’s time to step outside our comfort zones and never look back.
  • Balancing the life we want and the life we have.

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