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Sabrina Lynn


Dear Woman

Hi and welcome to a tiny taste of ReWilding Inner Circle! I’m glad you’re here and I hope that in this short note and in the videos we’ve posted that we’re able to give you a bit of a feel for what it would be like to take the wild and beautifully transformative journey into the depths of self by joining us in ReWilding Inner Circle.

For me, Inner Circle is a sacred journey that brings a woman further and further into alignment with her deepest heart and her most unique soul gifts and callings.

It’s a journey that, on one hand, helps a woman to shed and release any hidden blocks that are holding her back and on the other hand, awakens her to the hidden aspects within, her life-force, her gifts and her hidden potentials.

The deepest dive into ReWilding outside of a live event

Shamanic - Tantric - Archetypal - Astrological   

Inner Circle is a unique set of practices that draws from the shamanic, tantric, archetypal and astrological realms. We open to a variety of ancient women's practices designed to get us past our minds, out of our egos, and into the depths of our beings - where the real power and magic lies.

We work with extremely powerful and esoteric archetypal practices used in ancient goddess traditions to invoke and commune with our personal archetypes (or parts of self).

If it sounds fluffy – it’s not! These alchemical practices will shift, heal, open and transform your inner and outer worlds. This is the deepest, most transformative experiential work you can do online.

No previous experience is necessary. Inner Circle is open to all women who are ready to take the journey inward.

Inner Circle is a way of both starting and/or continuing your ReWilding journey

Some women come to Inner Circle as their first experience of ReWilding, while others join as a way to maintain their practice or continue on their path toward opening and awakening.

In Inner Circle we’ll open the door for you to experience first-hand the 36 archetypal energies we discuss in our livestreams and podcasts PLUS each month we’ll also share an online theme workshop to support the topics we explore in our podcasts, lives and newsletters.

In short, ReWilding Inner Circle is:

  • A deep-dive into the depths and heights of self
  • An opening and awakening to all 36 archetypal energies of ReWilding
  • A powerful and extraordinarily sacred women's circle
  • A vortex of Shakti (or divine feminine wisdom) that holds and guides both the group journey and your individual journey


Inner Circle is the space for us to provide guidance, practices, tools and tips to support you on your awakening path. These practices aren't available anywhere else!


ReWilding is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shake down.


…this is it, I’m coming home. We are coming home to each other. I’m so grateful to have found this circle of women and can’t wait to go deep, to witness my journey and yours to hold and be held. I am here now.


I have never seen, known and uncovered so much anywhere else.


You'll receive the following EVERY month:

(1) 45-60 minute experiential theme workshop. Once per month we’ll explore a prevalent theme in a podcast and then immediately record a LIVE workshop that supports the themes we just explored.

(1) 45-60 minute experiential archetype workshop. Once per month we'll journey into one of the 36 ReWilding archetypes. This will open us to all of the ReWilding archetypes.

(1) 60 minute Q&A livestream in our private Facebook group. I’ll answer any questions you may have about this month's archetype or workshops, the awakening path, or how it relates to what's going on for you personally

Inner Circle Community. Get immediate access to our private 'ReWilding for Women Inner Circle' Facebook community.

Spotify playlist to support and deepen your journey into the archetype that month.

Full length video and audio recordings of all podcasts (videos are not available anywhere else and audios aren’t always published in full on our blog or on iTunes).

Access to ALL monthly content from the date you join for as long as you’re a member! This way you can dive in when you have time, and as often as you like. Plus, all mp3 audio content is downloadable, which means you can keep them for life.


As a ReWilding tInner Circle Member you'll also receive:

2 Introductory Workshop Videos:

  1. “Getting the Most Out of Inner Circle”
  2. “Stepping Into Circle” - Opening Circle Ritual and Intention Setting

The Gift Of A Lifetime

Devine Feminine Icon

Here at ReWilding we have a deep desire to make these transformative practices as accessible as possible for women around the globe. We know it’s really hard to find the time and resources to attend women’s circles and in-person workshops every single month … which is why we’re bringing it all to your house; the practices and the sacred circle!

One last (and exciting) thing, in an effort to make it even easier to join, we’ve lowered the price of Inner Circle!

Right now, during our 2019 open enrollment period, Inner Circle is only $47/month, which is ½ the price it was previously (regular price was $97/mo)! That’s how serious we are about making it accessible!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

We do not offer refunds; however, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time and you won’t be billed for the following month. Simply email our friendly support team at or you can cancel anytime within the member's area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be part of a specific path or belief system to join the ReWilding Inner Circle?

All women from every path are welcome at ReWilding For Women. The only requirement is the willingness to get raw and dig deep, to allow your own unique story to unfold within the sacred space of our circle. All sisters are welcome here.

Is the Inner Circle program completely online?

YES! The ReWilding Inner Circle is an online journey that was created for women who want to go deeper but don’t have an opportunity to attend live events, or want to continue going deep between live events. It’s designed to bring women from around the globe together in sacred circle to bear witness to one another and dive into practices and rituals created and held in a safe container of sisterhood.

Is ReWilding Inner Circle right for me?

Inner Circle is the deepest journey we offer into the truth of your own heart, outside of a live event. It was created at the request of ReWilding sisters who wanted to continue peeling back the layers and expressing their authentic, beautiful selves. This is a serious commitment to self. The content is designed to help uncover what no longer serves you, connect with your truth, and awaken to the wild brilliance of all that you are!!

How does the Inner Circle work?

The Inner Circle is a great way to engage in ReWilding workshops and a supportive circle of women from the comfort of your own home! All you need is access to the internet and a Facebook account to participate in the interactive livestream and group conversations. Online workshops will be released twice monthly, but you’ll have ongoing access to the material and the archives (from the date you enroll). We recommend diving into the workshops as they’re released, but you can journey through the material anytime you'd like at whatever pace suits you. In fact, you may want to journey multiple times!

What is your cancellation policy?

Your satisfaction with ReWilding and the Inner Circle is our highest priority! We offer a satisfaction guarantee so that you have peace of mind as you begin this journey. While we do not offer refunds, you may cancel your Inner Circle membership at any time by canceling your membership within your member account, or by emailing

What if I run into to problems accessing things?

Simply email us at The team will get back to you within 48 hours!

What happens if I leave Inner Circle? Do I get to keep the content?

If you decide to cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the content through your member account. All of our audios are downloadable and we encourage you to download any of the audio files you'd like to keep. That way you can continue to do the workshops even after leaving Inner Circle!

More of what women are saying about Sabrina Lynn and ReWilding

"The videos are so powerful!

"The videos are so powerful - the practices and space that you open have shifted SO much for me. It is hard to even describe." ~ Sarah

"I didn't expect it to feel like I was in an actual workshop"

“I didn't expect it to feel like I was in an actual workshop. I love it. I love the physicality and depths and heights, as well as the tools that are given.” ~ Katie

"I am eternally grateful I have found ReWilding."

“I literally have recommended ReWilding to every woman I know. I have experienced things in ReWilding that I would never have known possible. So many of the teachings seem mystical but logical at the same time and I find myself saying 'Why didn't I think of that, it makes so much sense!' I am eternally grateful I have found ReWilding.” ~ Stefanie