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Get started today with this welcome workshop!
(Also available in your member's area)

A few things to help you get the most from

  1. Watch the welcome video above! (You'll also find it in your member's area.)
    This workshop gives you ways to prepare and get the most out of the journey. It contains a transmission on resistance, the power of commitment, coming to your practice with beginner's mind, how to plug into the sacred energies, and a powerful heart practice to open the door to The Dragon Sessions.
  2. Check your inbox. You'll find an email with all the details about your member's area under the subject line [Dragon]. To make it simple, all emails associated with the journey will start with that. You'll receive a 1-hour email before our Facebook LIVE on February 14th and our Share Circle on Zoom on February 24th.
  3. Log into your member's area & start journeying! You can get started as soon as you're ready! All your workshops and our recorded Q&A's are already in your member's area.
  4. Join the ReWilding Facebook group. This is where our Facebook LIVE Event happens, as well as a TON of communicating and connecting. Witnessing and sharing with other members of the ReWilding community who are either journeying this 4-day online retreat with you, or have journeyed in the past, often deepens and adds profound understandings to your experience! (If you're not on Facebook, no stress!)

The ReWilding Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group is where you can connect with other members of the ReWilding community who are also journeying the Dragon Sessions, and join our Facebook LIVE Event on February 14th.

This group is an incredibly supportive, all-inclusive, fun place where we discuss topics from the podcast, YouTube videos, retreats, challenges, and online workshops... just like these!

If you would like to connect with other like-minded people, or have a specific question you'd like some help with, click on the link below to join. We would love to see you there! 🧡