Sexual Healing & Awakening for Women

4-Day In-Person Retreat

September 9-12, 2021

ReWilding Retreat Center in Boulder, Colorado, USA
Retreat is Currently 2/3 Full

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Reclaiming, Healing and Awakening the Sacred Art of Feminine Sexuality

This retreat is a journey into the full expanse of your sexuality... from the life-giving, rejuvenating, grace-filled essence of the higher realms to the wild, liberating, purpose-awakening energy of the deeper realms.

In the safe and sacred container of women's circle, you will stretch beyond your comfort zone to reclaim the deepest parts of yourself as the authentic expressions of love, wisdom, creativity and power that they are. The ripples of this reclamation extend far beyond just sexual expression...

When we walk into this territory, we see how much of our lives are tied to our sexual energy. It's not just our capacity for pleasure, our level of comfort with our body or our ability to be intimate with another. Our sexual energy effects how we manifest and create in the world, how our bodies are shaped, how grounded we are, how we raise our children, how well we can maintain healthy boundaries and how we stand in our truth.

Our sexual energy touches every aspect of our lives.

So you can imagine the profound effect a journey like this will have. There is literally no area of your life that this experience can't touch, empower or transform.

That said, a few specific areas we'll dive into are:

  • Sacred Sexuality & Divine Union
  • Sexual Energy as Fountain of Youth
  • Opening, Trusting, Surrendering to More Pleasure
  • Aligning your Sexual Center (Power) with your Heart (Love)

  • Owning Your NO without Guilt or Shame
  • Embracing Dark, Taboo Sexual Energy as a Liberating Gift
  • Releasing & Healing Trauma, Blocks, Shame and Pain around Sexuality
  • Sex Magic

The Healing Power of the Feminine Wisdom Traditions

In this retreat, we'll work with a unique blend of sacred technologies from the Feminine wisdom traditions. They'll move you beyond the logical, rational-thinking mind and into deeper realms of Self, where true transformation, healing and awakening lies.

I'll guide you through powerful archetypal embodiment practices used to invoke and commune with your personal archetypes (or parts of Self). We'll also work with powerful shamanic and tantric practices that allow you to awaken the wisdom that resides in your body, your bones, your lineage and more, while also alchemizing shadows and wounds with in moments rather than years.

Finally, you'll receive energetic transmissions that activate the innate and "miraculous" abilities and gifts within you, rewiring your system to flow with the divine matrix, with life force, with Shakti herself.

If it sounds fluffy... it’s not! These practices will shift, heal, open and transform every aspect of your inner and outer world. Many of the women I have worked with say that is the deepest, most transformative healing and awakening work they have been able to find anywhere. No previous experience is necessary—all who primarily identify as women are welcome to apply.

If this sings to you, I invite you to apply early. This retreat will fill quickly.

With so much love,
💛 Sabrina Lynn

Space is Limited to 18

Due to the deep and intimate nature of this retreat, application is required.

An Invitation to Feel Into This Retreat

“I don't think I expected how deep value [Sabrina’s work] would bring and how much change can happen in a small amount of time… [Sabrina] made me believe true healing is possible." ~ Michalina

Many times I have been promised by other coaches, gurus and teachers that their course or programme would promise me a life change, but none of them delivered. [Sabrina's programme] not only completely blew my mind, it actually changed my life." ~ Joy

“It’s mind blowing, life changing, and the safe, judgement free connection with supportive sisters makes this one off the best investments I've made in myself.” ~ Anthea

In This Retreat, You Will:

  • Experience your feminine sexuality as a gift, a power, a magnetic force that evokes love, grace, light, your deepest heart's desires AND simultaneously serves the world.
  • Create a sacred relationship with your own pleasure, desire and passion. Awaken to gifts and wisdom that reside within your sexual energy and access them throughout your life, not only during intimacy.
  • Feel deeply, express fully and embody without restriction the fullness of your sexual energy, light and dark, gentle and wild, in ecstatic intimate communion, with or without a lover.
  • Heal your connection with your body, learning to hear her signals, honor her desires, trust her intuition and truly feel the depth of her sacredness.
  • Access the fountain of youth energy that innately resides within your body. This inner aliveness and vitality fuels your work, your health, your vibrancy, your relationships and your life.
  • Learn to embrace your taboo desires and dark sexual energy in love-filled, aligned ways. Discover and unlock the energy, passion and life force that resides in this rich, underground territory of self.
  • Heal wounds and work through blocks that make it hard for you to express yourself fully, surrender into pleasure fully, embrace your sexual energy as the power that it is.
  • Be seen and met with deep love as you integrate and welcome parts of yourself that you have been afraid to touch, transforming past wounds and trauma patterns into revelations of profound love and trust.
  • Learn to artfully transform a moment of closure, resistance, disagreement into deeper connection and create boundaries in a way that inspires and serves both you and those around you.
  • Awaken deeper, more powerful channels of subtle sexual energy by keeping your heart overflowing with love and your essence aligned with truth.
  • Experience the transformation possible when held in a container of fierce love and deeply devoted women. Be deeply nourished and gifted by women's wisdom circle.

The Power of Sacred Women's Circle

When women gather in sacred space, big magic happens. We sink into deeply nourishing feminine rhythm, energy and wisdom. We allow sisterhood to become a source of profound support. Nothing amplifies feminine healing and awakening like expressing your essence in a circle of other devoted women.

Womens Circle 2

[In retreat,] I journeyed with the most beautiful, brave, vulnerable, passionate women... They have gifted me beyond words and with mutual support, our gifts and services started to rise to the top... Until I experienced a super safe, super held circle I had no idea how it can move mountains within each of us or the extraordinary ripple effect it was creating.

My relationships have changed, my creativity has changed, my sexuality has changed, how I function and show up in the world has changed. I stand tall, grounded, loving, compassionate. I am finding my voice, my expression." ~ Danielle

[In retreat with Sabrina], my eyes were finally opened to the possibility of what women can do when we work together. It's beautiful to journey with other souls, to witness their growth as they witness mine. To mirror each other in growth, see divine contracts playing out, and feel the very vortex of the energy work that we co-create on retreat is just so amazing.

I'm so grateful to have found [Sabrina], and to have said yes to the first retreat a couple of years ago, then continued onto three others after that, as I'm now living a life in total alignment with my soul." ~ Elise

Womens Circle


Thursday, September 9th

  • Arrive from 12pm: Settle in and explore the area - it’s gorgeous!
  • 1pm: Opening circle
  • Workshop 1
  • Workshop 2
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day

Friday, September 10th

  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Workshop 3
  • Wisdom Circle
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • Workshop 4
  • Integration practice
  • 5pm: Gather and debrief
  • 6pm: Finish for the day

Saturday, September 11th

  • 9am: Practice outdoors (weather dependent)
  • Workshop 5
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • Workshop 6
  • Workshop 7
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Dinner (included)
  • Optional fire circle
  • 10pm: Finish for the day

Sunday, September 12th

  • 9am: Final Workshop
  • Wisdom Circle
  • Closing ceremony
  • 1pm: Begin journey home

* This is an approximate schedule as we operate on "Goddess Time" during retreat, meaning there's a divine flow and unfolding that we move with when we start working in the energy of the sacred feminine.

Does any of this sound like you?

"I want to feel confident embodying the fullness of my sexuality, and loving it, loving myself, rather than seeking others' approval or fearing their judgement. I want to feel sexy, alive and free whenever I want, without fear, shame or guilt."

"I crave more than anything to fully surrender into pleasure, but I can’t imagine trusting anyone enough to do that. Not even myself. Probably because even when my body has said “no,” I have said “yes.” So I want to learn how to honor my body’s signals without fear of judgement, and work through those wounds and blocks."

"I know deep in my bones that my sexuality is bigger than my sexual encounters. I know there’s a way to feel so alive and connected and expanded, but I have no idea how to get there, how to feel safe enough to do that, or how to be that way in the real world."

Then this retreat is for you.

Take Your Place in Retreat


$3,700 USD per person

A $1,000 deposit holds your place; the remaining balance is due upon application approval and acceptance into the program. You will receive notice of approval within 4 days of applying. Applicants not accepted will, of course, be refunded their full $1,000 deposit.

Couple's Discount
If you’re a couple living together or sharing resources and you’d both like to attend this retreat, email us at upon application and let us know. You'll each save $350 on your remaining balances (that's $700 total).

Every Retreat Has Sold Out
Enrollment closes when all spots are filled, or by Friday, September 3rd.
We highly recommend applying early. All of our retreats have sold out.

  • Deposit & application must both be submitted for the review process to begin.

  • Deposit & application must both be submitted for the review process to begin.



  • Four days of deeply experiential, feminine embodiment practices not found anywhere else.
  • Three delicious meals, specifically designed to nourish your feminine essence: lunch Friday and lunch and dinner Saturday (all allergies and preferences can be catered for).
  • Snacks for all diets and drinks available during workshop breaks.
  • Private retreat center in the foothills of the Rocky mountains, dedicated to holding, supporting and amplifying this intimate inner work.
  • Saturday night fire gathering at the retreat center (optional): a moment to integrate and deepen the work, solidify bonds, and celebrate our journey together.
  • Free time to explore the beautiful forest and mountains around the retreat center.

Not included: Sleeping accommodations and travel to and from the retreat center, which is approximately one hour from the Denver International Airport. We recommend booking accommodation in either Boulder or Nederland, Colorado. Both towns are about 20 minutes from the retreat center. Retreat center address will be sent to you upon application approval.

Prior to retreat, you'll also be able to connect with the other participants via our private Facebook group to coordinate rental cars, rideshares and/or accommodation shares.

We have specifically chosen not to include accommodation in this retreat offering so you can choose the type of space that best supports you and your journey.


As a retreat attendee you'll also receive:
  1. Your current astrological birth chart, which includes the major feminine archetypes and sexual energy points (most charts & astrologers leave these out.) Plus an astrology session on how to read your chart.
  2. Access to our private retreat facebook group for connection and continued support after retreat. This is a private group only open to the women who are on this retreat.
  3. Follow-up supports and practices to maintain the momentum of your journey.

Our Retreat Venue

We will be retreating at the beautiful ReWilding Retreat Center located in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Boulder, Colorado.

Screen Shot 2020 07 13 At 2.07.43 Pm
Retreat Center 1
Retreat Center 4
Untitled Design

What we've witnessed through this work

I cannot begin to tell you how this will change your day-to-day life, because you are so incredibly unique and how sexual energy will transform your life is so incredibly unique. But I can give you some examples of what I’ve seen this work do for women:

  • Turn back time so women both look and feel more youthful, and have more energy, passion and vitality on a daily basis.
  • Release women from hiding their own beauty, literally losing weight as they accept that it is alright for them to be as radiant as they’ve always wanted to be.
  • “Miraculously” heal fertility issues that made it impossible for women to get pregnant. Women who were trying for years to get pregnant were pregnant the week after working with me.
  • Heal ancestral trauma that has been passed down for generations, to the point that the women had no idea it was sabotaging them until they were already working through it.
  • Give women the strength to leave toxic relationships and break out of karmic relationship cycles.
  • Attract in the dream partner that women have just about given up on.
  • Awaken the natural, healthy, aligned power in women so they can confidently take control of their lives and move out of playing small and/or victim mindset.
  • Heal sister wounds of comparison, jealousy, distrust, allowing women to find their own circle of close female friends for often the first time.

And that is just in the last five years of facilitating this work! I have only seen enough to know there is so much more to know… The transformative power of sexual energy, as far as I can tell, is limitless.

frequently asked questions

Final Details


Due to the powerful nature of this work, this retreat is only open to 18 individuals who primarily identify as women. Keeping the circle intimate allows for our group to journey deeper and more powerfully together.

Refund Policy

We appreciate that sometimes circumstances change. If you are unable to attend retreat for any reason, please notify us via email. Cancellation prior to August 1, 2021 forfeits your $1,000 deposit. Cancellation after August 1, 2021 forfeits 50% of the total price. No refunds after August 15, 2021, or for unused portions of the retreat, including but not limited to, missed meals.


Myself and the support team are all COVID vaccinated, however we are not requiring vaccination to join this retreat. By submitting an application, you acknowledge and accept the risk involved in joining an intimate, unmasked gathering.


We're happy to help in any way that we can. Please email Malea, our Community Manager, at

I'm honored and excited to take this deep and transformative journey with the women who are called to this retreat.

With so much love,
💛 Sabrina Lynn


Founder of ReWilding for Women and ReWilding for Men, Sabrina Lynn is known internationally for her groundbreaking, direct-line approach to personal evolution.

Sabrina has designed and developed unique practices that take people far beyond the limitations of the mind, into the deeper realms where true and lasting transformation lies. 

She continues to create workshops and retreats, in-person and virtual, revolutionizing the way we explore shadow work, sacred intimacy and whole-self embodiment.

Sabrina has 14 years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching archetypal psychology, neuroscience, corporate leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, tantra, somatic experiencing, physiology and mind-body connection.

Her audiences connect with her direct, down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable healings and life shifts.


"Something in me has opened. I am changed forever.

There is no going back. I finally feel like I’m starting to be alive and I have this burning desire to experience more.”
~ Maya

"I have reclaimed so much of my sensuality and self-expression

I’m so grateful to have unlocked the deepest recesses of my feminine power."
~ Louise

"It is the best investment I have ever made

in myself, the best gift and the greatest tool to use going forward in relation to furthering this… utterly necessary soul work."
~ Georgia

"[Retreat] Takes you to the deepest, rawest and unknown parts of self.

You will shed parts of you that no longer serve you and completely recreate how you view your world."
~ Jo